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Talking to your kids about their remote learning.

As we head into Week 4 of our Remote Learning plan, I am sure you have all been able to establish some routines and rituals to assist your child navigate the tasks set by teachers. Some will have very regular routines in line with how we traditionally know learning at school and others will have developed more creative strategies to cater for parents who are working from home. Whatever you’re routine is, here are some key strategies that may help when talking to your kids about their learning.


In the morning, ask:

  • What are you learning today? 
  • What are your learning targets or goals?
  • How will you be spending your time?
  • What resources do you need?
  • What support do you need?

In the afternoon, ask:

  • What did you learn today?
  • What was challenging? You could come up with a way to deal with the same problem if it comes up again.
  • Consider three things that went well today. Why were they successful?
  • Are you ok? Do you need to ask your teacher for something? Do you need help with something to make tomorrow more successful?

These questions allow your child to:

  • process the instructions they get from their teachers
  • help them organise themselves and set priorities.

Flexible Learning – Choice is an engagement tool.

As mentioned above, many of you will have developed very flexible routines over the past 4 weeks that allow you to work around learning and working from home. One of the benefits that is coming from Remote Learning is the opportunity for your children to be flexible with the way they tackle their tasks every day. Every student is different, has different needs, different interests and different learning styles and it is for this reason that having choice is an engagement strategy.


A major component of the learning program is the wonderful learning opportunities our specialist teachers are putting together for the students. We encourage students to alternate these learning tasks with those provided by their classroom teachers. Therefore a morning of work does not have to be just focussed on English and Maths tasks, your child may wish to complete a Music, Art, P.E or Japanese task as well. This may be a great incentive to break up the morning and give your child a chance to engage in the broader learning curriculum.


The specialist learning tasks also provide great opportunities for parents to learn alongside their children. Doing some art work together, playing some music, getting in some exercise or even learning some Japanese is a great way to share in the learning experience and even model what great learning behaviours look like….


Here is just one great example of how an Art learning task encourages us all to take some time to get out into the wonderful Autumn weather.


Story Dogs


Over the past few weeks the Story Dog program has doubled with the addition of Chris and Gertie joining the team. Gertie and Honey are very much looking forward to getting back to school when it is safe to do so. In the meantime they have been busy putting together some videos for you all. 



Honey has been really missing coming into school, seeing the children and hearing all the wonderful stories.  Honey has started her own You Tube channel called "Honey the Story Dog", so you can still see her and watch videos of her mum Jacqui reading stories to her.


We also have some exciting news for Scotsburn students - when school goes back you will be getting weekly visits from your very own Story Dog - Gertie, and her mum Chris.  Gertie also has her own You Tube channel "Gertie the Story Dog" where you can find out about her and watch some wonderful stories.


Stay tuned for some fun times ahead in May, with National Simultaneous Storytime happening on May 27th and the Premier's Reading Challenge kicking off for 2020.

Year 6 Secondary Transition Forms

Even though we are currently working through a Remote Learning program, preparations for 2021 must go on for our Year 6 students who are transitioning to secondary school.


This week, a very important Compass notification will be sent out to all parents of Year 6 students explaining the process for completing the Transition Forms. This year, there are some modifications to how parents can access, fill out and return these forms. Please keep an eye out for the message and ensure the application forms are back to school by 25th May.

Remote Learning Tips and Tricks – A Student’s Perspective

We have received a few more tips and tricks from students who are navigating their way through Remote Learning. Over the past few weeks we have heard about lots of great strategies being used by our students. Today we continue the journey.