EXCESSIVE NOISE             

Unreasonable noise is the most common reason for police attendance at a party. Consider your neighbours when planning and enjoying your party. 

1. Notify neighbours of your party well in advance 

2. Comply with EPA prohibited times for residential noise 

3. Abate (turn down) unreasonable noise if requested to do so by neighbours or police 

Prohibited Times for Residential Noise - The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) residential noise guidelines identify prohibited times for residential noise. However, noise may still be deemed unreasonable outside of prohibited times due to its duration or intensity. Police may direct that unreasonable noise be abated for up to 72 hours. If this direction is not followed, a fine of $738* may be issued on-the-spot.


Prevent Disputes with Neighbours

• Notify neighbours of your party well in advance. 

• Locate speakers as far away from neighbours as possible. 

• Prevent guests from congregating on the street outside the venue. 

• Ensure no litter is left on the street outside the venue – check and clean up the next morning if necessary. 


Prescribed Item Prohibited Times

A musical instrument and any electrical amplified sound reproducing equipment including a stereo, radio, television and public address system. 

Monday to Thursday: before 7am and after 10pm. 

Friday: before 7am and after 11pm. 

Saturday and Public Holidays: before 9am and after 11pm. 

Sunday: before 9am and after 10pm.

To view the full list of prescribed items, please visit the EPA website at: www.epa.vic.gov.au NOTIFY NEIGHBOURS OF YOUR PARTY WELL IN ADVANCE VICTORIA POLICE PARTY SAFE


      Information taken directly from Victoria Police Party Safe Manual which can be found online at


8096-VicPol-Partysafe-A4-BO OKLET-10pt-16pp_WEB.pdf