Student News 


As with many activities at the moment, the timing of the performance end of Production remains up in the air.

With changing restrictions we have found it impossible to pin down a set of dates but because we are performing here at school it is possible to be flexible.

At this stage our flexi arrangement is as follows:

Week 8 – rehearsals as usual during Performing Arts class time. If possible, some students may be asked to participate in rehearsals or set painting during other classes (negotiated with class teacher).  After school rehearsal on Wednesday 3.30pm-5.30pm for main cast, Things and Nools.

Week 9- as above plus a full day dress rehearsal on June 18 (6/7 Whos only required p 3-6)

Week 10- at least a matinee/dress rehearsal performance for P-5's on Wednesday 23rd.

If audiences are allowed in Week 10, we will also have evening shows – hopefully on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. 

If audiences are not allowed this term then we will carry the public performances for the Production over until the end of Week 2 in term 2.


Thanks for your support and patience.

'Try a Career' Expo


One of the biggest challenges for a young person is how and where to commence the career journey. Our Year 9 students attended the  ‘Try a Career’ Expo at South West TAFE on Friday the 21st of May at the Sherwood Park campus. The expo gives the opportunity for young people to try ‘hands on activities’ and talk to people about what is involved in a range of different careers.  Available workshops included hair and beauty, agriculture, building and construction, automotive, electrical, sport and recreation, digital technology, healthcare and art and design.