Principal's Report 

I would like to again acknowledge the efforts of all members of our school community over the past week as we continue to adjust to the return to face to face onsite learning. I would to begin by acknowledging the outstanding efforts our staff to provide a continuous remote learning program with very short notice.  We are extremely grateful for the education partnership and support displayed by our parents/guardians to ensure a relatively smooth remote learning program. 


Our students are to be congratulated again! The resilience, co-operation and positive attitude they continue to display throughout the pandemic has just been superb. When students arrived back onsite on Friday, it was clear that they were all grateful for the connection and support they receive at school.  We will continue to monitor their progress in the coming weeks and offer health and wellbeing support to all students. 


As we continue to navigate the coming weeks, it is important to note that we all have a role to play in ensuring Covid safe behaviours are put in place in our school. Below is a table that outlines how the school will continue to promote Covid Safe behaviours:


 Reinforce COVIDSafe behaviours*Create COVIDSafe spacesPromote COVIDSafe activitiesRespond to COVID-19 risk*19 risk*
  • Stay home when unwell and get tested*
  • Practice good hygiene*
  • Ensure physical distancing (1.5m)*
  • Wear a face mask*
  • Avoid interactions in enclosed spaces*
  • Make hand hygiene easy
  • Keep surfaces clean and implement regular environmental cleaning. 
  • Promote outdoor air ventilation and do not have air conditioners on recirculate
  • Move activities outdoors where possible, weather permitting 
  • Adapt, modify or defer higher-risk activities
  • Limit school access to essential visitors only
  • Reduce mixing between groups
  • Create workforce bubbles*
  • Keep records and act quickly if someone becomes unwell*
  • Use personal protective equipment where indicated
  • Clean and disinfect appropriately if a staff member or student has been unwell at school
  • Manage individual risk


  1. Assemblies and large gatherings 

Year level or whole school assemblies are permitted when attended only by staff and students from a single school, however schools may choose to defer these at this time. At this stage we will attempt to host our school assemblies in the coming weeks.


Unfortunately, there are number of higher risk school activities that have had to be deferred. These include our school production, excursions, camps and interschool events. We know how hard students and staff have worked on preparing for these highly valued school events. We will continue to seek advice as to when we are able to reschedule these events and we will provide further communication as soon as possible. 


In regards to accessing additional health and wellbeing support, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly at the school if your child requires further assistance and support.


Our students are happy to be back!




And remember: Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates vision for tomorrow.” – Melody Beattie’