When a student is absent or there is a planned absence (holidays etc), parents are asked to notify the school as soon as possible via phone, email or the website. Please see the attendance policy for more information.


Class size

Class sizes vary in order to cater for all students and are capped at the discretion of the Principal.


Daily Schedule

Our school gates open at 8:30am, when children and families are welcome to enter their classrooms and settle in to the school day. At 3:30pm all students are walked outside to the front playground by their teachers for dismissal.


School Gates Open


Music Plays & First Bell


Class Prayer & Roll


Morning Block


Eating Time 




Middle Block


Eating Time


Lunch Time


End Block


End of Day Dismiss



Excursions are planned by the classroom teachers regularly throughout the school year to compliment curriculum areas. Excursion permission forms are sent via Operoo and are authorised by a parent/guardian. Parent helpers are encouraged for school excursions.


First Aid & Medical Information

Accidents happen at school, and all  staff at St Joseph's are trained to provide first aid to all students. Where required, students may attend the first aid room for minor injuries. In the case of head knocks or major injuries, families will always be informed.


We ask that all medical information is kept as up to date as possible via the Operoo platform. If your child requires medication to be given at school, please speak to the school reception. We follow all policies and practices for the safe administration of medication. 


Asthma, Allergies and Anaphylaxis

All staff complete regular training on the management of asthma, allergies and anaphylaxis. If your child suffers from asthma and/or anaphylaxis, please provide a current and updated plan along with medications during enrolment and at the beginning of the school year. 


Allergy Awareness

St Joseph's adopts an allergy aware practice to reduce the risk of student exposure to known allergens. Families are made aware of allergies within their classroom at the beginning of the school year. Any foods bought to school to share, must be clearly labelled and individually wrapped.


Late Arrivals & Early Dismissals

If students arrive to school late or need to be picked up from class early, please do so via the school office. This is logged through the PASSTAB system to remain in line with our child safety policies.


Mobile Phones/Electronic Devices

Students and parents are asked to sign a Mobile Phone & Electronic Devices (of ICT) Agreement at the beginning of the year.  The agreement prescribes, in detail, the acceptable use of ICT, including mobile phones and other devices at school.  In summary, mobile phones and devices:

  • May be brought to school;
  • Must be handed to the classroom teachers - locked into a lock box for the day
  • Students are not permitted to receive calls or make calls during school hours.

Tuck Shop

Tuck shop is run each Wednesday by Our School Canteen. Ordering can be completed online or in person. To order online, please register an account with Quick Cliq. Students are also welcome to bring along small change to order on the day. 



Please note that according to Education Department policy regulations, smoking is not permitted in any school building or within school grounds.