At St Joseph's, we encourage open communication between all members of the school community. We utilise a wide range of formal and informal communication mediums to keep our families abreast of all important and current information.


Email is the best way to reach any member of staff. We encourage families to contact their classroom teachers via email should they have any questions or concerns.


Information Evenings are held in Term One


Parent & Teacher Evenings are held twice a year. The first is conducted in Term One and the second in Term Two, after mid year reports are shared with families.


Classroom bulletins are shared with families on a weekly basis and provide a snapshot of important information for the week ahead.


The School Newsletter is published fortnightly on Fridays. It includes important messages and highlights from the past two weeks. Please subscribe to the school newsletter here.


Social Media will often highlight key events happening at St Joseph's. This tool is often used to highlight our student achievements and school events from Prep to Year Six.


Student Reports are provided twice per year in June and December.


Operoo is an online system used to communicate with families, collect medical information and various permissions for your child/children. Shortly after being offered a place in one of the classes at St Joseph’s you can expect to receive an email requesting you to complete a Student Profile on Operoo. Please note, only one parent can be the owner of the profile and this parent will be able to provide responses and permissions etc.  


The principal, deputy principals and classroom teachers are all easily accessible on the school gate each morning from 8:30am and via email. All staff are open to meeting families at any time throughout the school year. If you wish to make an appointment to speak to the classroom teacher or a member of leadership, they are all easily accessible via email.