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Learning Expo

Over the term, each Learning Community were preparing to celebrate and share their learning at our Learning Expo. Due to the previous lockdown, we have had to change our Learning Expo to online. Each Learning Community will share their discoveries and innovations in different ways for example through Class Dojo and Google sites. These will consist of a mix of images, text and videos, depending on the format the children chose to present their work. A snapshot of the work for each Learning Community is shared with you below.


Year Prep Community - Creature Features: What do animals need to survive?

This term, the Year Preps have been learning to identify and describe the features of animals and what animals need to survive. They were exposed to the different habitats animals live in and learnt how to write facts and label pictures of animals. To share what they learnt, the Year Preps created dioramas of habitats and identified the features of those habitats.

The Preps making their creations.  


Year 1 and 2 Community - We’re Going on an Enviro Hunt! How do living things rely on their environment to grow and thrive?

This term, the Year 1 and 2 Community built on their learning from Year Prep and looked closely at the life cycle of animals, how animals adapt to their environment and the different layers of habitats. They learnt research skills in order to write information reports about animals that lived in their habitat of choice. To share their learning, they also created dioramas of the habitat the animal they researched lived in to accompany their information report. 

The Year 1s and 2s hard at work


Check out their finished dioramas here


Year 3 and 4 - Why did that happen?

The Year 3 and 4 Community focused on Science Innovation this term. They explored and experimented with physical and chemical change through whole class and group experiments. Over the term, they kept a science journal to reflect on the experiments they participated in. To share their learning, the children needed to:

You can check out their videos via flipgrid. Ask your child to login and share the communities experiment videos with you. 


Year 5 and 6 - $20 B0$$ - Can I design and market a product?

Over the term, the Year 5 and 6 Community focused on following the design process to create a product. The students needed to identify a need or want in our community and collect information about it. In teams, they then worked through the design process to design an advertising campaign and a product to sell in a market at our Learning Expo. Their market will now be online


Well done to all our teachers and students for their wonderful work in making creations to share their learning. 



Deborah Courtney

Director of Learning and Teaching