From the Principal's Desk

School Operations 

With the further easing of restrictions for Melbournians, we have adjusted our school operations accordingly and the following procedures will be put in place for the remainder of this term and for the commencement of next term:

  • Stop, Kiss nad Drop signs will be moved to just outside the doors of each of our learning communities, meaning that families can access the school grounds and 'drop children off' at the classroom door should they so wish
  • We ask that families refrain from entering the classrooms just at this stage unless a meeting has been scheduled with the teacher (see final dot point).
  • In the afternoons, families are welcome to enter the school grounds to collect their children
  • Face-to-face meetings with teachers can occur but please organise in advance. Parents entering school buildings MUST register their attendance via the Government QR codes available on display at the front of each building.

School Closure Day

Please remember that Monday 12th July is a School Closure Day: Staff Professional Development Day and such children do NOT attend school. This date has been advertised for some time. Please be advised that on Monday 12th  July, there will be no one on-site to attend to parent queries.

Mid Year Reports and Student Portfolios

This Friday 25th June, families will receive a copy of the Mid Year Reports within the Student Portfolio as is our normal process.


Please take into account the roll-on effect from lockdown in that our portfolios may be a little 'light on' this term. 


Nevertheless, please take the time to celebrate your child's progress with them, complete the parent comment section and then return the portfolio to the class teacher at the beginning of Term 3.

Baby Time

This Friday will be Mrs Brittney Wohling's last day with us as she commences maternity leave in the wait for baby number 2.


We wish Brittney and her husband Ryan all the very best and we can't wait to meet the new little addition to the family.


We are still searching for a suitable replacement for Brittney so I will keep you posted on this end. 

Prep 2022 Family Interviews

Our Family Interviews for our Year Prep children starting school in 2022 commence in the first week of Term 3 and will run until 26th July.


This is always an exciting time as we begin our Transition Program and get to know a little bit more about our new families and their children commencing school in 2022.


With placements almost full I ask that any family who is still yet to submit an application (or knows of anyone who is yet to select a school for their child starting Prep in 2022) do so immediately.


Applications can be accessed, completed and submitted via:


Please see below for the days in which your children are to wear their sports uniform in  

Term 3-

Prep NV: Thursday and Friday

PreP LV: Thursday and Friday

1/2B: Tuesday and Wednesday

1/2C: Tuesday and Wednesday

1/2R: Tuesday and Wednesday

Year 3K: Tuesday and Wednesday 

Year 3/S: Tuesday and Wednesday 

Year 4W: Tuesday and Wednesday 

Year 5/6A: Thursday and Friday 

Year 5/6S: Thursday and Friday 


Last Friday updated Fee and Levy accounts were sent out to all families. These accounts were generated by our new business package so please check carefully as some of our input data may not have accurately migrated across as


Please note that the second instalment of the Family Fee of $470 and the Capital Levy of $110 are both due by 26th June.


If anyone needs clarification please feel free to contact Miss Debbie Yarak via the school office who will be more than happy to assist.


Have a wonderful week

God bless

Anthony Hyde