LUNCH ORDERS

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WEDNESDAY: Auslan and Science

TUESDAY: Bluearth

Students will have sport on one other day: 


THURSDAY- 2/3, 4, 5/6

(Students are to wear runners on their sport day and on Tuesday.)







Please be advised that the safe drop off point for students before school is using the hall car park and crossing on Hume Street. Parking on Southam Street is reserved for staff and is a no standing/bus zone.                                                                                                                                                                                                        


When entering and leaving the carpark, please be mindful of other vehicles and pedestrians.  In the morning we ask that parents park in the carpark and walk their child/ren across the road to the back gate. 

After school the teacher on duty will walk the students to the tennis court gate and during COVID, staff have been guiding students to their parents in the carpark.  NO child is to walk through the car park without an adult.

We also ask that all cars are parked facing the south (bush) and that they leave via behind the school hall onto Reed St.  This is to alleviate the busyness of the Hume St entrance. You are asked not to park near the tennis fence close to the entrance to the carpark as our students wait in that area.



Students who are walking home or riding will leave the school via the main gate and walked to corner of Parker and Southam St by a staff member.  Please be aware of the Vic Roads recommendations for walking and riding to school.

Children up to 5 years

Parents and carers must always hold children’s hands when near traffic or the road. Once a child is mobile, especially walking, they must never be left unsupervised around roads or vehicles. Young children lack the skills, knowledge and judgement to be able to cope with traffic and so need to be constantly supervised.

Children 5 years up to 12 years

Parents and carers can help children by providing plenty of practical supervised experience in using the road safely, as a part of the journeys taken every day. Research shows that children under age 12 do not have the skills and experience to be safe in traffic. Teach them safe traffic behaviour and set a good example.

Children 11 or 12 years and over

Children may become more independent in their travel, however in complex traffic situations they may still require supervision. Check regularly to ensure that children remember and follow safety procedures. Work with them to plan safe walking and cycling routes. Find out what road safety education programs are being taught at their schools, and reinforce what their schools are teaching.  



We have some students reporting missing items of school uniform. We ask could you please check your child/childrens school bags for items that do not belong to them. We also ask that your clearly name all uniform to enable them to be returned.                                                                                                      






P&F will also be selling raffle tickets at the door and food drinks and chocolates at intermission.