World of Work Summit 

On Wednesday 24 August, a small group of Nossal High School students attended the World of Work Summit held in the Solidarity Hall, Victorian Trades Hall Council. This summit aimed to increase our knowledge about workers’ rights, what we should do if those rights are infringed, the formation of the workplace unions and how campaigns and collective action have been used to change our workplaces and society throughout history.

Every year, thousands of Victorian students enter the workforce for the first time. As they take their first steps as young workers, it is vitally important they know about their rights at work and are empowered to stand up with their co-workers to ensure they are safe at work and paid fairly. Along with this knowledge, the ability to organise and take collective action can enable young workers to enact real change in their own lives.  The World of Work Summit concentrated directly on these matters in both an educational and interactive way. With educators, organisers and lawyers being the primary presenters of the day, we developed a deeper understanding directly from them about our basic rights at work. Throughout the day, we similarly evaluated and analysed many case studies including the Marriage Equality Referendum in 2017 and the Wage Theft case at Barry Café in Melbourne. We discovered more about the many unions in Australia and their importance to all those who work. Additionally, we learnt more about how we as young people can ensure not be taken advantage of by employers and if unfortunately we happen to find ourselves in such a situation, knowing there are many services in Victoria such as the Young Workers Centre who aid young people in legal matters.  


Overall, it was an incredible day in the city which we spent with other students from other schools learning about crucial topics that are bound to help us in the future.  


Pahal Dandiya 

Year 9  


  Market Day 2022 

During Term 3, the students of the Unit 1 & 2 Business Management class studied the marketing process within a business, and were tasked to create their very own market stall. Students personally investigated the process of starting and setting up a business from start to end, from the brainstorming and design process to promoting and advertising throughout the school.  On Friday 2 September, students were finally able to demonstrate their hard work and preparation, by setting up their market stalls and selling their products and services to the staff and students of Nossal. Using their knowledge from the two previous excursions to Fountain Gate and Queen Victoria Market, students completed their stalls with vibrant banners and decorations, making every effort to stand out from their fellow competitors. 

Only five minutes after the start of lunch, the courtyard was bustling with crowds of curious people, as this had been Nossal’s first market day in over three years. It did not take long for the stalls to begin selling their goods and services, from cupcakes and cookies to stationery and carnival games. Some stalls even played music that only enhanced this lively day. In the end, market day was a success. Students ended market day with a sense of satisfaction after seeing their term of preparation take shape and knowing that all the money earned will be donated to charity. 

Overall, we raised $722.84 to seven, separate charities. Six of the seven stall made a profit on the day:   

On behalf of the VCE Business Management students, we would like to thank the following staff who assisted in making Market Day a success. To the Executive Team and the Humanities Domain, headed by Ms Mackin, for their constant support and guidance. To Ms Sayer and Ms Blyth, for assistance with the money counting and the EFTPOS machines. To Jason & Josh, for their support in ensuring Market Day was safe and secure. To Ms Slywka & Ms Lal in allowing us to advertise our Stalls on the big screens. And to all staff who came out during Lunch and donating their funds to our charities. 


Emma Tran

Year 10