English News 

Year 9 Laurinda Excursion 2022

On Wednesday 7 September the Class of 2025 set foot in the city for the third time this year to view the highly meaningful yet comedic play which is ‘Laurinda.’ The play was based on Alice Pung’s highly acclaimed novel that tells the story of a thirty eight year old woman that still can learn from her fifteen year old self that was wise beyond her years. However before we entered to watch the production, the year nine cohort journeyed around Melbourne CBD. With the skills we acquired during city week, we embarked on taking many photos that would accompany our chosen classic texts of ‘Frankenstein’, ‘Treasure Island’ and ‘Jane Eyre.’ 

The photos that we had to take all incorporated onto our end goal which was to create a digital essay; accompanying quotes from our chosen classic text to the image. To assist us, our English teachers worked to ensure we had a map of the city with themes of growth, development, faith and many others that we could utilise.  While we were roaming in the city in our groups of four, we were given the privilege to buy some lunch from the plethora of restaurants and soak up the city surroundings before twelve o’clock. Once all four houses were finally assembled in front of the Melbourne Art Center, we were given one hour to chill and recollect our thoughts before heading into Lucinda. The play had a full house consisting of people from the general public and a few schools. The actors conveyed emotions in every line and word which made us enjoy the performance immensely. At one moment, we were laughing, and then next we would be gripping onto our peers wondering what the characters’ decision would be. All in all it was an amazing experience and wouldn’t be possible without the wonderful Mr Woon for organising this event.

Pradipa Balaji

Year 9

ICAS English Competition 2022  

I had an opportunity to participate in the English ICAS competition and it was a truly pleasurable, rewarding and engaging experience. Not only did it help me in identifying my strengths and weaknesses in diverse range of skills required for vocabulary and reading comprehension, but it also helped me to prepare for Future skills required in my upcoming schooling years such as how to properly organise and manage your time under pressure. Overall, I thought that this was a highly valuable and definitely a useful tool that teaches you a wide range of important skills as you go through it but it can also be a beneficial and productive use of your time . 


Ved Patil

Year 9

"I woke up late on a weekday with full acknowledgement that I can spend my time at home, nice and warm, without the thoughts of assignments and whatnot. I took my precious time eating breakfast, and then began to complete on my ICAS at the moment Ms Webster blew the whistle by posting a GIF. Doing a test in a not-so-academic environment may be less stressful, but it sure was something different! 


Alice LI  

Year 9

August 15 may have been any normal curriculum day for some students, but for some, many waited in anticipation (or dread, regretting the English subject they had chosen) for the English ICAS competition. It were to happen online, just as last year, and a few weeks prior to the event, Ms Webster had emailed each participant their individualised codes. At around 11:45 am, Ms Webster (alongside her abundant variety of GIFs) posted the instructions for a 12 pm start. The competition went on for around hour, and I want to thank Ms Webster, on the behalf of all the participants, for making this event run smoothly – just as it always has online – and now, hopefully, I am awaiting my “Jashan, did you guess half of these questions?” certificate.  



Jashan SURAN

Year 11