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Year 11 Ball

Formal, Ball or Prom as some would call it was a passage of time that I had always observed in movies and television that acted as the epitome or the highlight of the high school experience, and Nossal's Year 11 Ball did not disappoint. The night opened with two performances with Sai Kristam and Adarsh Murali Ottur performing Dandelion and Chanumi Nakandala and Vaidehi Palliyali Vikraman performing Cherry Wine. Following these incredible performances, everyone wasted no time in getting to the dance floor. It was truly wonderful to see everyone dancing, and not one person remained in their seat, with everyone enjoying their time on the dance floor. We even had the amazing Mr. Pegram show off his moves at the centre of the dance floor. The night was also filled with some novelty awards such as Ball Royalty which went to Aalia Muller and Wageesha Hewaarachchi, Life of the Party going to Kevin Binu and Cutest Couple going to Aadhi Konar and his date Sashri.


With the Class of 2023 practically losing our Year 9 and Year 10 to the pandemic, formal gave us an amazing chance to get to know our fellow peers and acted as an opportunity for us to feel more connected as a cohort. Looking back at the photos made me realise how joyous of an occasion it was for everyone, and I can't help but look forward to Year 12 formal with the Class of 2023. Finally this lovely event could not of happened without the amazing Ms Campagna, Mr Woon and the ball committee who organised this, as well as the AV team and Mr Pegram for their incredible photography, so thank you to all of these people for the incredible night we had!.


Ria Kumar

Year 11

Women’s Mentor Breakfast 

The Women’s Mentor Breakfast was an event held by women of note at Bunjil Place Function Centre on the July 29 2022, inviting and providing a space for successful women in a variety of career paths to interact with Year 11 female students from many different schools. Four students from Nossal High School (Ya Wen Chong, Vaidehi Palliyali Vikraman, Yejin Kim and Lisa Lei) were fortunate enough to attend the event along with the School Captain, Alicia Varkey, and Vice-Captain, Prathiksha Ashok Raj Kumar, who were invited to host the event after two years of it not being run due to the lockdowns. 


Attending the Women's Mentor Breakfast was an extremely enjoyable and rewarding experience, as all aspects of the event - from an excellent and engaging presentation to the delicious breakfast choices-were well-organized. The event provided a well-balanced mix of time spent listening to a guest speaker's presentation, socialising, and taking the opportunity to mingle with some amazing women, all knowledgeable in their unique fields and willing to provide endless guidance and advice to all the young women present. 


Lisa Lei and Yejin Kim 

Year 11


Campus Traffic Safety Committee Update


Many parents and staff members have informed the campus traffic safety committee with concerns they have regarding vehicles parking in ‘No Standing Zones Areas’ during drop of and pick up times. For pedestrian safety reasons, It is most important that all drivers of vehicles moving along the road way do not pull up in any off the 3 no standing zoned areas to drop off or pick up students.


Zone 1 - Adjacent to the bus stop area.              

Zone 2 - The front of building B nearest the zebra crossing / ‘T’ intersection.                    


Zone 3 - The northern car park of Building B.   

All drivers are urged to be patient and observe the road signage around the school grounds.


Jason Bell 

Facilities Manager

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