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2022 Father's Day Badminton Tournament

Over the last 3 Weeks, Nossal's PFA along with the NHS Badminton club organised a badminton tournament in honour of Father’s Day. For those who have been keeping track, many flyers and posters were sent out to bring light to this occasion. The event ran by students and parents pairing up to play other teams, and the ones with most wins, make it to next round. 

The games were consistent across the 3-day course; All the teams were competitive yet maintaining a friendly spirit. 

2022 Father’s Day Badminton Runners Up
2022 Father’s Day Badminton Winners
My Picture of the Tournament
Our PFA Team
With our Roger Page
2022 Father’s Day Badminton Runners Up
2022 Father’s Day Badminton Winners
My Picture of the Tournament
Our PFA Team
With our Roger Page

A round of applause to Sai and his mother who paired up and make it all the way to the finals. The Finals between Ria and Sai were an interesting game to watch.  Congratulations to Ria and Manju Kumar who were the 2022 champions


We also had special guests Mr Page, Ms Mackin and Ms Dezylva, who came and cheered for the teams. Overall, the PFA were able to raise $130, thanks to everyone that participated! 


Huge thanks to Ms Vanstan and Mr Armistead who were pretty much the backbone to support the event. I also would like to shout to the School Students who helped us with the tournament Srinidhi, Gurneet, Mehar and Sanjana. We Appreciate all your support. Last but not the least, a huge shout to out to the Volunteers from PFA Shanny, Trudi, Larry, Jaya, Shahila and Jodie for all the help extended to run the tournament smoothly. 


The tournament worked out to be a huge success with over 40 teams registering and 31 teams playing! For all those who registered and couldn’t play we hope to see you next year!


Bollywood Dance Completion happened to be on the 27 August, so many teams had to drop out. Congrats to all those teams who participated in the dance, and we heard a few of those teams won a few awards! Next time we will be mindful when planning.😊


As I had mentioned this is first of an effort from the PFA and please do excuse for any glitches that you spotted! With experience and feedback, we hope to put even a better and bigger show next time! I hear all the mothers asking about Mother’s Day... stay tuned!


Bunnings Certificates of Appreciation

In recognition of the support from parents, we are now ready to distribute the certificates of appreciation to all those who helped for the Bunnings BBQ event. If you missed the PFA meeting on Wednesday 7 September, the certificates will be sent via your student. 

Thanks Ms. Slywka and Mr. Page to get all these done and organized. 

Upcoming Events

PFA is now starting to discuss about an End of Year PFA get-together. If you would like to be part of the planning team, please do reach out!


The Second Hand Book and Uniform Sale day will be early in December... Watch this space for when the date is announced.

Reminder: PFA Registration

Reminder that everyone is welcome to join the PFA, in either a small or significant way. We appreciate all contributions from our amazing parents and friends. We would welcome both the new and the established parents to be part of the team. Feel free to reach out for a chat!

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Uniform Shop

Students and parents are again reminded that the Secondhand Uniform is open on the first Monday of each month, during school terms. The shop is located at the rear of northern (Jean Russell Centre) carpark, inside the front door of the Fitness Centre. The shop opens between 8:30am and 9:30am with all proceeds going to projects and equipment for the school. The shop will next open on Monday 3 October. Donations of uniform are very welcome and can be left at Reception. 

Next PFA Meeting

The next meeting of the Nossal PFA will be held Wednesday 5 October, commencing at 7pm. If you would like to Join the PFA and be part of this vibrant school community group, please reach out to Shankar Ramadas 


Ph: (0423125892) and we will send you the PFA forms.

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Shankar Ramadas 

Vice President PFA & Nossal PFA Communications Officer