Sir Gustav Nossal Statue

A Community Arts Project

Sir Gus at HPAF 

What a pleasure it was to attend the recent House Performing Arts Festival at Robert Blackwood Hall with Sir Gustav Nossal. On our trip to and from Monash, Sir Gus talked about how inspiring the young people of Nossal High School were and how he enjoyed attending these functions and participating in or learning of the many celebrations held throughout the school year.  


As Sir Gus spoke, it once again reinforced to me how inspiring he is. Born in Austria, he fled the advancing Nazi forces with his parents just before the onset of the 2nd World War. The family made their way to Australia settling in Sydney, where he enrolled in school, unable to speak any English. A dedicated student, a young Gus Nossal went on to be the Dux of his school before embarking on medical studies at Sydney University. 

Sir Gus’s passion for learning and seeing young people achieve is very evident. On the journey back to his home, he remarked on the way that the students had enthusiastically worked together to produce what he described as a wonderful night. His description was that the students “very talented” and the fact that they had planned and practiced as well as they had, was evident in their performances. He also acknowledged the passion the students showed for their House and their peers. 

Students put in for Sir Gus 

Congratulations and ‘Thank You’ to the students of our school, led by the SRC, who have recently undertaken and participated in two major fundraisers towards the Sir Gustav Nossal Statue project. 


The first was the SRC’s “PJ Day” where for a small donation, students enjoyed the opportunity to come to school, quite relaxed in their pyjamas.  It was a very successful day with just under $500 raised. 

More recently, as part of “Market Day”, students again, (with the support of some key staff) held a sausage sizzle at lunchtime. On this occasion, another $400 was raised bringing the total from both activities to $900.00

Thank you to all members of the student body who have helped by contributing to these two events. I am pleased to be able to advise the Nossal Community that with the student input we have moved closer to our goal of raising $90,000 for our life-sized tribute to Sir Gustav Nossal.  



To make your contribution, please use the QR Code or click HERE. All donations over $2.00 are tax deductible. 



Keith Butler

Project Coordinator