Communication Between Home & School

Communication Between Home and School

Below are the main sources of information you can expect to access:

1.  The Google Calendar - The Google calendar is linked to the Northlea website.  On this Google Calendar, we will endeavor to include information that is relevant to the whole school such as Photo Day and, at times, major events for a specific age group such as overnight trips. Please familiarize yourself with this calendar as we use it often.

2.  School-Wide Newsletter - The school administration will send a newsletter to the community twice a month.  It will be mailed to you directly through your email address via our School Messenger program.  These newsletters are also posted on the school website and we generally post them on our Twitter feed as well.  

3.  Twitter  (@northleaTDSB) - We will use Twitter to highlight events and moments of interest.  We'd love for you to share your summer pictures with the hashtag #NorthleaSummer and then also share your 1st day pictures at the hashtag #NorthleaFirstDay  

4. Staff Communications - Staff members will share their individualized information sharing approaches with you at the start of the year.  

5. The Northlea Home and School Website - This website- - will also contain updates.  It contains information about both the school and the Home and School Parent Association. *On the bottom left hand corner of the website is a section that allows you to subscribe to the website.  If you opt to sign up, you will receive updates to your email whenever the website is updated.  

6.  The Home and School Association Email List - Northlea's Home and School Association is a pivotal part of the Northlea school experience. We encourage all families to stay up to date and involved with H &SA. The #1 way to ensure you are informed is for you to consent to share your email and phone contact information.  If you want to receive correspondences from the Home and School Association, please sign up at the start of the school year:

7. Northlea School Website. -Northlea is piloting a new link that will provide information to the community about various athletic and co-curricular opportunities that are being planned for the 2019/2020 school year.  The website link is

Home and School Meetings

Please join us at our Home and School meeting on Wednesday, November 6th @ 6:30 PM.  


Below please find our list of Home and School meetings for this school year:

  1. November 6th - 6:30 PM @ Northlea in the School Library
  2. November 8th - 9:00 AM @ Northlea in the School Library - ISP Program Parent Roundtable
  3. November 13th - 8:45 AM - post bus departure  - Discussion with parents who bus their children to Northlea hosted @ Thorncliffe Park School
  4. November 25th - 6:30 PM @Northlea in the School Library
  5. February 6th - 2:30 PM  @ Northlea in the School Library
  6. April 6th - 8:35 AM  @ Northlea in the School Library
  7. May - Date TBD - 6:30 PM  @ Northlea in the School Library
  8. Annual General Meeting - Time TBD - Post or pre volunteer breakfast perhaps.

We are working to ensure that there are many parents able to participate in these discussions.  You will notice that we are introducing a few new meeting times (8:35 am and 2:30 pm) and even certain thematic meetings.  We hope this approach will open up new opportunities for parent perspectives to be shared.