Student Awards

Student of the Week - 25/05/2018

Prep/1S - Declan Stockwin - For really bunkering down this week and thinking about your behaviour choices and making the positive choices in class. I am proud of you, keep it up!

Prep/1H - Levi Roper - Congratulations Levi on your impressive counting and number work. You always display our school values and you are a terrific friend. Well done!

2/3C - Riley Barker - For trying your best at all times and being a responsible leader for younger students.

2/3R - Teddy Smith - Teddy has completed a great week of learning. He has listened carefully to instructions and has produced some very pleasing work.

3/4S - Riley Banner - I am so impressed with the focus and stamina that you have shown this week.

4/5W - Declan Lowden - For always being a supportive class member and helping out your peers in class.

5/6H - Jorjiah Moody - For being a positive role model for other students in the 45w classroom and on the footy field. Keep on smiling!

5/6S - Jake Salter - For showing a willingness to learn as you worked cooperatively with your partner during reading and spelling activities. It is great to see you reading and enjoying a variety of books.

Student of the Week - 1/06/2018

Prep/1S - Kaidee Riordan - For really taking off in your writing. I love that you are now looking to sounds in words. Keep it up! 

Prep/1H - Billie Harris - Well done Billie! A week of hard work and effort. Displaying our school values.

2/3C - Edith Crozier - For being such a helpful morning manager. Keep it up! I appreciate your assistance.

2/3R - Ella Carlisle - Ella is always eager to learn about new things. She has been a wonderful contributor to discussion and question times this week. 

3/4S - Savina D'Agostino - Savina, you have a bright and cheerful nature in the classroom - and you produce wonderful homework too!

4/5W - Whole Class - Congratulations! We have finally got the process of 'Earn and Learn' 

5/6H - Jacob Woolley - An excellent Write It, Draw It, Make It, Talk It about our Reconciliation Day visit to NSC. Well done!

5/6S - Jackson Jenner - For working enthusiastically and showing a very good understanding of strategies as you accurately completed a range of comprehension tasks. You are also showing great leadership as you effectively manage the Computer Team.