We were super-excited to announce last week that we can now run this event for our kids, following new updates on guidelines around what we can do at school due to COVID.  The colours have arrived and CHAPS will be getting together on Monday to start filling those crazy bottles filled with colour !  

In the meantime, here is what you need to know:

  • Start Time:     2.30pm (after lunch and last session )  Finish Time : 3.25pm
  • What to bring : Children need to bring some old clothes to change into at lunch time and including an old towel might be a good idea, as we will have hoses for them to run through.  The Wonga Park Fire Brigade unfortunately are unable to come this year, however are excited to join us again in 2021.
  • Parent Approval:  It is a parent approved activity and will go live on Compass on Thursday, including the donations sheet.
  • Fundraising:  This year’s Colour Run will be raising money to go towards the asphalt walkway between the Junior playground and classrooms on the Hill.
  • Donations:   A donations sheet will be on Compass for you to print off.  Donations can be made cash, EFT, or over the phone to the office (please see note below). 
  • COVID Guidelines:  Further information will be forthcoming, including a map on how we will manage this great event under COVID guidelines.

Our school and CHAPS respects that all families are each experiencing varying financial pressures as a result of our COVID-19 year.  As a result fundraising this year is optional. We hope your kids are excited as much as we are to have this colour run !



Thanks to everyone who has signed up to help out at the BBQ and this awesome fundraiser !  We still have a few spots left to fill in the morning and afternoon and pack-up, so please jump in and sign up and join in the fun.  Danielle Bell will communicate with the volunteers on all things about the day and your roles


CHAPS Team 😊