Alumni News


What do you want to be when you grow up? It seems like a simple enough question.  Take what you’re good at and combine it with your passion; hopefully those two are one and the same, but what if they’re not? What if you have no idea if your passions line up with an actual career path? Luckily, there are thousands of women who have traveled through the classrooms of MGC on their way to satisfying, if not always predictable, career pathways. They are our alumnae.


If you could speak with any of them, in any field, what would you ask? Would you expect that they have held many positions in many industries? Did they earn a degree in the same course they entered Uni to study? Were their ATARs enough to enter their chosen course? What did they do if their scores weren’t what they expected/wanted? 


At MGC we have an opportunity to ask these questions at Alumni Program Career Pathway sessions. 


Who do you want to hear from? An engineer? Journalist? Web designer? Digital Media Specialist? Lawyer? Architect? Doctor? Allied Health Professional? Business owner? Performing Artist? Member of the Military? Sports Management Professional? Designer? Researcher? Environmentalist? Social Justice Activist? Teacher? Support worker? A Uni student with advice for making the most of your time spent in tertiary studies? Any other career choice(s) you are interested in? 


Email your career pathway session suggestions to and be on the lookout for special guests throughout the year.


Melbourne Girls’ College joined the Ourschool Alumni Program Foundation Service beginning in 2020.  Ourschool is a not for profit service dedicated to helping public high schools establish and build their alumni networks to benefit students and strengthen public school communities. 

When alumni return to the school, in person or virtually, to share their career pathways with current students, they become a relatable resource having recently walked the same halls at MGC. 


If you are or know an alum who would like to share her post-MGC pathway with the alumni coordinator, email