With the return of Year 11 and 12 boarders this week, we have been able to experience some normality to life back in the House. It has been uplifting to see our boarders again, listening to their voices and simply watching them reconnect with friends. Tommy Wang (Yr 11) was our first boarder back from Melbourne on Sunday afternoon and his first comments were about the pleasure of being back in the country. Sunday evening witnessed boarders in the dining hall enjoying a wonderful meal prepared by Alfonso. They were warmly welcomed by Boarding House families, MODs, nurses, chefs, cleaners, and grounds staff over the course of their first days back, with each interaction bringing smiles and laughter to all. But, we are also aware of those who have yet to return and continue to connect our boarders from near and far with their peers. Wednesday evening House meetings continue, with a theme of sharing experiences at the boarding house and at school to make our returning Year 7-10 boarders feel comfortable in what to expect.


Ben and Lizzie, as House Captains, have led boarders through all of the changes and promoted boarders to be outside in the afternoons enjoying the fresh air and taking the opportunity to exercise. In regard to this, I encourage all returning boarders to bring a bike back to the Boarding House, with a lock and helmet of course, and prepare themselves to be able to exercise in small groups.

There have been a number of highlights this week. The first ‘social distancing’ walk down Myrniong drive on Tuesday morning set the tone for a re-start to school. The way our boarders applied humour to the situation is an indication of how well they are coping, and how they can respectfully and maturely turn a challenge into something more enjoyable. With the autumn weather bringing crisp mornings and warm afternoons, the boarders are appreciating this time together.



Mac House and Speirs House Year 12 boarders respecting social distancing yet still enjoying the walk to school



Gabbi Bensch, Head of Macdonald House led our boarding community in celebrating National Boarding Week with wonderful strengths-based notes attached to lollypops for our returning girls: a wonderful way to acknowledge the positivity of having the girls back and the unique strengths they share.



Andrew Monk