Junior School

Mother's Day Mass & Morning Tea

This morning’s Mother’s Day Mass was a wonderful event and celebration with our Year 6 mums. Thank you to everyone involved in making the Mother’s Day Mass such a memorable and enjoyable occasion. Special thanks to Mr Luke Thompson for preparing the Mass and to Mrs Dimanlig-Rankin and Mrs Redolatti for sharing their stories and thoughts on motherhood. Thank you to the staff and dads who made sure the morning tea was a lovely occasion in the Junior School Amphitheatre.  A big thank you also to the boys who wrote lovely poems and reflections and made beautiful gifts with Mrs Shanahan. TC Communications will be sharing the highlights of our Mass with Junior School parents. A very Happy Mother’s Day to all our mums on your special day. 


Year 6 Leaver's Jackets

The Year 6 boys are appreciating their “Leaver’s Jackets” and are wearing them on sport days, they look great. Thank you to the parents who assisted in sizing the boys, to Nerissa Richardson, Zoe Bowen, Bernie Dimanlig-Rankin, and Leah Helean for managing the fittings and logistics and to Mrs Tam Nguyen for making these awesome jackets.

The Monster In the Maze

Junior School are well represented in the cast of The Monster in The Maze.  Congratulations to everyone involved in this fantastic production but especially to our hard working and talented Junior School boys.

NAPLAN Testing

Our Year 5 students will complete the NAPLAN testing during the next two weeks. The testing weeks may seem daunting for some students and parents. My suggestions for parents to assist their boys during the assessments is to:

  1. encourage them to do their best 
  2. make sure they get to bed on time at night and have a good breakfast in the morning
  3. maintain everyday routines
  4. do not put too much pressure on the boys as it is a “point in time” assessment and merely provides a snapshot of their learning

Each student will be assessed in reading, writing, conventions of language and numeracy. To find further details about NAPLAN testing including sample tests please go to www.nap.edu.au.


You will have received information over the past week in regard to the new Ignite Awards program. Mr Jason O’Malley, who is the Duke of Edinburgh Coordinator, is also coordinating the Ignite Awards program.  On Thursday, Ms Laura Seymour came in to talk with the boys about this program which aims to enhance young people’s personal development, fosters positive attitudes towards learning and promotes engagement and interaction with their community.

Prefects Corner 

By Ethan Byrne and Kobe Jackson Peppin


What an eventful week at school! On Monday it was the first week in a while that students did not have to wear masks. All the boys were incredibly happy about this change.


On Wednesday, the Junior School had their second winter sport training for the term. All students were training hard for their fixture on Thursday to ensure we had the winning edge. Also, on Wednesday the Junior School was extremely fortunate to see the school production The Monster in the Maze which included some junior boys. All the children were excited for the play and the production did not disappoint. The show was outstanding, suspenseful and all the people performing got a standing ovation at the end. The show was a massive success, the also put on the performance for it on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.


On Thursday, the Year 5s and 6s all versed Guilford in their exciting second fixture. The students were introduced to the ignite award program for Years 4 to 6. It is a unique WA based self-development program. There are four levels of Ignite awards across four activity sections which are physical activity, hobby, volunteering and adventure. We encourage the boys to get involved in this program.


On Friday, it was an incredibly special day for all mums because it was the Mother’s Day Mass. It was held in Trinity’s wonderful Chapel. All the children sat next to their mums, and they all gave their mums an extra special hug. After the Mass, the boys took their mothers to the amphitheater and gave them a little gift prepared during art by their fabulous art teacher. A special morning tea was held after mass for the mothers and grandmothers.