Food Technology

Year 7 

Food Technology


This week the Year 7’s were very excited to recommence Food Technology practical lessons. Student’s worked in pairs to create delicious warm scones. 


They carefully measured their ingredients to ensure that the recipe ratios were correct and once cooked they topped them with copious amounts of jam and cream!


We’re very fortunate to have a brand new food technology room to use, with great equipment to cook and create with. 


Last week students made nutritious and delicious banana muffins. The food scraps will be donated to the Stephanie Alexander Garden resident chickens!


Year 8 & 9

Iron Chef


This week student’s completed their unit on indigenous ingredients and further explored the cooking methods and ingredients used by the first people of Australia. 


Student’s worked in pairs to produce Wattleseed ANZAC Biscuits. 


Students worked collaboratively to measure, prepare and bake their biscuits before sharing them with friends at lunch. 


All recipes are on our Google Classroom so your child can access these and reproduce the dishes at home!