7 - 9 News 

 Tracy Peters, Senior School Principal

We are half way through the term it has been great to see our students so engaged in their learning in all classes. 


We have officially started our journey into the F1 Challenge on Wednesday the 24th February. We had a huge turnout of students attending the sessions. A big thanks to Ben Schimanski, who is coordinating the program and securing some amazing resources including software and some high level expertise.


Our Year 9 Hoodies have been ordered and in the process of being made.  A big Thank you to Tenealle Hawke for coordinating this for our Year 9s. 


We have spoken to the students and have reminded them about the Mobile Phone policy.  All phones must be locked in their lockers throughout the day.  If students are found using their phones they will be confiscated and locked in the front office.  Only parents may collect the phone. Can I please ask that you remind your children of these expectations.


Our Year 7s headed off on the College’s first ever Study Camp on 10th March.  Our teachers are super excited to give the students the skills they need to set themselves up for a successful education in secondary school.


We are in the process of finalising prices for the Yr 8 Snow Camp to Falls Creek and The Yr 9 City experience Camp.  Keep an eye on COMPASS for those upcoming events. We also have a number of inter school sports events coming up, please also check COMPASS for parent permission.


We have also organised some amazing excursions. We have our Year 9s visiting Wyndham Tech to learn about Digital Story-telling, Our years are 7s are participating in Grafitti Art program through Wyndham Council. There will be many more excursions to Wyndham Tech throughout the year for all year levels.  These are free excursions but we do need all parents to provide us with consent via course confirmations. If you have not done this yet please logged into COMPASS. You can find it on your main page.


Our Parent teacher interviews will be coming up soon. This year our families will have a whole day to select from for interview times. This will allow parents to speak to all their children’s teachers.  Students will not be required at school on this day.  Further information will be sent home to Parents via COMPASS regarding the process of booking



Finally there are still a number of families who have not yet paid for their electives. A message was sent last week as well as many COMPASS emails.  It is important that these are paid for so that students can use all the resources related to their chosen elective. Students who have not paid will participate in the theory element only and will not be able to make or create anything. We are happy to support families by developing payment plans if you are experiencing financial difficulties.


Please remember if you have any concerns please contact your child’s homeroom teacher first then followed by the relevant Year Level Leader. This year our Year Level Leaders are:


Lauren Leonard - Year 7

Gabby Minett – Year 8

Tenealle Hawke – Year 9



Tracy Peters

Senior School Principal