Grade 5/6 Students 

Celebrating our fantastic Fives and sensational Sixes!

5/6A - Miss Morrison

Sara and Leia reading fairy tales to each other. 

We used these texts to deconstruct a narrative and to use the ideas to help create our own ‘twisted tales’. We look forward to sharing these with our buddies. 



Our ‘Gratitude Quilt’.

As part of The Resilience Project reflection, 5/6A discussed the meaning of gratitude and chose to draw something that represented gratitude. This was then placed together to be our class gratitude quilt!


5/6B - Mr Jared

Playing Decimal Tiddlywinks in Maths


Teaching the class the Line Method of 2 digit multiplication


5/6C - Mr H

Maths in 5/6C has seen us begin our lessons with a variety of math warm-up games including this multiplication game, Multiplication Madness, where students are solving multi-digit multiplication.  



5/6C students have spent some time investigating number properties and how numbers can be prime, composite, square or triangular.