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Monty & Carlo


Have you met Monty & Carlo, the school guinea pigs?  They are super cute and love a cuddle, you can even look after them over weekends and school holidays.

They come with a cage, food and instructions for how to take care of them, including tips on their favourite foods (hint : it's green and leafy).

If you would like to be on the roster to take care of them, please put your name and contact details details on the sign up sheet at the office.  If you cannot make it up to the school you can email or phone the school office to have your name added.

Please contact Mitchell Wellesley, Animal Leader, in 6J if you would like more information. 




Warrandyte Primary School Instructional Model


This model is currently being implemented in the school and was presented at this weeks Parent Information session. Based on a Gradual Release of Control, the model moves through well defined components whereby the teacher has full control of the lesson in the beginning and gradually shifts towards the student have control of their learning during the Independent Work-time. Students can use 'just right' books or write from a choice of genres to practice the skills and strategies explicitly taught during the mini-lesson and record their thinking as they read. Teachers take small groups or conduct Conferences with students to set learning goals, and equip the students with the next steps for their learning. 

We are at the beginning phase of implementation and Term 1 is primarily focused on setting up the routines and expectations as they slowly introduce each component of the lesson.