Principal  Message

Hello everyone,


This week we have launched our lunchtime activities and they have been received by the students really positively.   Our Monday Library Lunchtime is open from 1:40pm - 2:20pm and is open to any students who want a chance to play games, colour in, read or even just sit in a quiet space and chat with their friends. The club has been formed to support students in finding a space where structured play is supervised and they feel safe as they form friendships with others or just hang out with their buddies.  If you have any Lego or games that you think might add to our Library Lunchtimes, we would love some donations.


We also had our Performing Arts Captains take their first Dance Club on Tuesday lunchtime.  Using the Bampi, they played musical statues and Dance Detectives with students from all age groups. It really is lovely to see how at Warrandyte Primary all the students include one another no matter what age group they are from.  Preps were cheered and encouraged as they danced the Macarana and the even our 3/4 teacher, Nikki decided to join in the fun.  Next week, we are hoping to use the new interactive television that's been set up in the Bampi to run some Just Dance with the students.  A big thank-you to the Grade 6 leaders who have given up their lunchtimes to create this club. Leading by example, they are wonderful role models.


Last but not least the Visual Arts Captains have set up a Colouring In Competition on Wednesday lunchtimes, which is being run outside during Wednesday lunchtimes while the weather is warm. Again, a great example of our school leaders taking initiative and developing their ideas to improve our school and support the younger students. 



We also held our first Junior School Council meeting this week with our new teacher in 3/4,  Nikki Tenberge running the show for us.  She has many creative and engaging ideas but is also very keen to have our JSC representatives offer their ideas and learn how to plan and implement the actions they all agree to undertake on the JSC. First thing on the agenda this week was the Bullying, No Way! National Day of Action on 19th March.  


Take care,

Nieta Manser

Acting Principal