Classroom News 

Y2/3/4 News


This week the students have been exploring the Easter Stories through Godly Play. 

In groups students used a variety of materials to retell the different stories for their peers. 


The stories included Palm Sunday, The Last Supper including washing of the feet, Good Friday and Easter Sunday. 


All students were very engaged in telling the stories. 


As part of their Religious Education, the students have also been learning how to find different passages in the New Testament, using the chapter and verse numbers. 


As part of our Inquiry Unit, we have planted the seedlings the student grew from the Woolworths Discovery Garden seeds. We have also planted carrots, beetroot, cauliflower, lettuce and snow peas seedlings. We hope they will have grown by the time we get back from the Easter holidays. 

YP/1 News

'Tiny, Perfect Things' 

This week, the Preps enjoyed listening to the story ‘Tiny, Perfect Things' by M.H. Clark. It is a beautiful story about discovering the wonderful things all around us. After the story, it was time to head outside and take a closer look at all the different things in our schoolyard. Below you will see what some of the students noticed. The Preps all did a fantastic job writing sentences to accompany their photographs. Look how much they have learnt in just one term! 



P/1 Buddy Letters 

An integral part of the P-2 area is the buddy system that was adopted this term. This week the very lucky Prep students received special letters from their Grade 1 buddies. It was wonderful to see the Grade 1 students so eager to hand over and read their letter to their Prep buddy. The Preps cannot wait to write their letters back. 



Goodbye Jenny

Once we heard the news that Jenny would be leaving Sacred Heart, the Junior area knew that we had to do something special to say ‘Thank You’ and ‘Goodbye’. What better way than with a song and a dance! The P/1s chose to sing ‘The Rainbow Song’ by Andrew Chin, as the lyrics depicted how special Jenny is to us and how much we will miss her. We wish you all the best for your future Jenny!  


Rainbow ​​Song
Red and orange, yellow and green
Blue and indigo and violet and me
Side by side together we grow
Underneath Gods beautiful rainbow 
Red is for your Spirit of love
Seven gifts from God above
Orange for the warmth of the sun
Shining down on everyone 
Yellow is the colour of faith
The light of Christ in everyday
Green is for the life you give
A call to grow, a way to live 
Blue is for the sky and sea
Gifts from God, for you and me
Indigo is in between
A colour of God’s gentle peace 
Violet calls us all to forgive
Together we grow, together we live
Side by side and hand in hand
Together we grow, together we can.



Congratulations to Lawrence, Arvin and Eklavya in Prep on receiving their 'Golden Words' award this term. Well done boys! Keep up the great work Prep!