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Fare Thee Well

I will be leaving Sacred Heart at the end of this term to take on a new role at St.Catherine of Siena in Melton. It is with a heavy heart that I am leaving however life is about learning new things and taking on new challenges. I told our Year 5/6 students that here at Sacred Heart I am on the safe side of The Learning Pit and to grow and learn I need to 'jump back into the pit'.  I have taught at three schools in my teaching career and this is by far the longest I have stayed in one place. My son Asher actually told me that he has only known me teaching at Sacred Heart. The reason I have stayed so long is not a coincidence as Sacred Heart is truly a special place. Students are at the heart of all we do here and it is a welcoming and caring community. I will miss students, staff and families however I know life should be about 'getting out of your comfort zone'. I look forward to the new challenge ahead and hope that I can make a difference at my new school, working with a predominately Sudanese community. As I drive up the Western Highway, Sacred Heart will always be in my thoughts as this is a school that you never really leave. I know there will be many tears shed by me next week however that shows just how much this school community means to me. I look forward to hearing about all the wonderful adventures and success stories of our students in the future, especially the amazing Year 5/6 students.

Thank you to everyone connected to Sacred Heart for your support over the years. 

Jenny DelPrete.


Confirmation Photos: Do not forget to view and order your photos. Due to confidentiality the group photo is not displayed online but can be ordered.



Lent: Project Compassion.



A reminder that each class has a Project Compassion Box which will be counted each week until the last week of term. Congratulations to 5/6AJ who have raised $33.60 last week and the school has raised a total of $182.80

Fifth Week of Lent 25th March 



Halima is raising her two children in a refugee camp in Bangladesh, while caring for her mother who has a disability. Widowed at 21, Halima fled violence in Myanmar’s Rakhine State, arriving at the camp with nothing.

Caritas Australia, through Caritas Bangladesh, helped Halima with shelter, cooking equipment, hygiene and sanitation training. She took on the role of community trainer herself, organising the cleaning of washrooms, wells and toilets. 

Halima aspired to “Be More” and is proud that she is able to earn a small income, while maintaining the health of her family and the cleanliness of the camp community.

  • In the Cox’s Bazar district, women and children make up 78% of the total refugee population where 52% of children are aged 0-17. (UNHCR)

Watch a short film about Halima’s story here



Whole School Assembly

On Friday 26th March we will be having our first whole school assembly since Covid19 and lockdown. Our student leaders will be presented with their leadership badges and our Year 6 students will be presented with their Year 6 Graduation tops. This assembly will be held at 10:30am. All are welcome to attend.


Holy Week:

We will have a whole school liturgy on Thursday 1st April at 2:30pm , Sacred Heart Church. Our focus for Lent has been 'Be More' which aligns with service to others. Jesus showed us at The Last Supper His own example of serving others when he washed the feet of His disciples. Our student leaders will show how they serve others by washing the feet of people in our church community who also serve. This liturgy will be organised by the School Captains and Vice Captains, Social Justice and Arts student leadership groups.

All are welcome to attend.


Sacrament Dates:

Catholic students in Year 3 will be receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation on Thursday 27th May at 7:00pm in Sacred Heart Church.


Catholic students in Year 4 will be receiving the Sacrament of First Communion on Sunday 12th September at 10:30am mass.