OGEA Animal Friends

OGEA Animal Friends


by Brianna Chenevey

Maverick is a 3-year-old Parson Russell Terrier mix. Heather Samson, a teacher at Baldwin (Julia) Elementary, and her family family rescued him from the Monterey Animal Shelter when he was just 14-weeks-old, and from that point on, he has been considered a member of the family. His needs were well considered as soon as he was brought to his new home. Heather’s daughter suggested naming the new addition to the family after Tom Cruise’s character in the much beloved movie “Top Gun”.

Parson Russell Terriers are known to have a very friendly, clever, and athletic temperament. According to Heather, Maverick is a very affectionate dog and loves his people. He is incredibly sweet and can be quite entertaining. He loves going for walks in and around his family’s neighborhood, going to the dog park, and taking naps. His family has taught him well. He knows the command for “sit”, “lay down”, “up”, and “touch”. If he is told to go to his rug, he will run to his rug in the kitchen and wait for a special treat, his most favorite treat being scrambled eggs.


Brianna Chenevey