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Writing 4 Workshops

The Writing 4 Sustainability Workshop was originally planned to coincide with Speaking 4 the Planet at Council Chambers; however, Phil Smith from Western Sydney University had to reschedule, leaving us with over 50 students who were keen to write but with no special event.


A quick meeting with Principal Regina Menz and Armidale Catholic Schools Office Coach Kerrie Pridis led to the formation of a half day writing workshop at O’Connor Catholic College. The students were placed in small groups and exposed to some stimulus material, including the 1st Prize Short Film Winner of the Film4Climate Global Video Competition 2016 “Man vs Earth” by Prince Ea:


“In our quest to explore the galaxy,

rejects and neglects the home that we have here now.

So no, that can not be wisdom.

Wisdom is different.

While intelligence speaks, wisdom listens.

And we willingly covered our ears

to Mother Nature’s screams…” –Prince Ea

We are very pleased with the results of the Writing 4 Sustainability workshop. The students worked extremely co-operatively, and developed some wonderful pieces of creative writing in a short time frame, so please keep that in mind whist reading this book.


We look forward to working with Phil Smith in Term 4, and the students will be invited to participate in the rescheduled event to further extend their literacy and creative writing skills.



Jenny Roff

CAPA Leader of Learning and Enrichment


BYOD Year 7 Term 4


One-To-One Learning

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

Thanks to all that were in attendance at the One-To-One information night for Year 7.


If you missed the Information night there are some presentations with some valuable information available below.



The portal from our preferred supplier Mac 1 Armidale is up and ready to go.


You can access it here



There are a number of iPads, MacBooks and accessories available on this portal at discounted prices.


We have also been able to organise a school portal directly with the Apple Store in Penrith.


You can access it here



This provides all parents, students and staff access to discounted pricing across the whole Mac Store as well as free engraving and delivery.


Any questions contact Mr Mark Harris (ICT Coordinator) on



One to One Learning Evening Presentation


Cybersafety Presentation


All Year 7 students will need a device Term 4 to take part in our One-To-One Learning program.




Mark Harris

IT Coordinator

Uniform Shop Hours



Extended Trading

The Uniform Shop will be operating on Friday 6th October from 9.00 until 2.00pm. The last Friday of the School Holidays. 

Students are required to wear their summer uniform when Term 4 commences. Normal Trading will begin the 1st Monday back of Term 4. As follows;

Monday 8am - 12pm

Wednesday 12pm- 4pm

Friday  10am- 2pm

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Technology Education


Cancer Awareness


Junior Cricket Rego

CSC junior cricket club online registrations are now open .

Go to "www.playcricket "

Click on " where can I play

Click on "Armidale "

Click on "CSC"

Then follow the prompts to complete your registration.

President of CSC junior cricket club.

Mark McDermott

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