Calendar of Events




Wed 2nd March-  Assembly Grade 6

Wed 9th March-  School Open day 9am -3pm

Wed 9th March- No assembly

Thursday 10th March- School Closure

Friday 11th March- School Closure

Monday 14th March- Labour Day Holiday

Tuesday 15th March- School Photo Day

Wednesday 16th March- Bike Education Programme Grade 3/4

Wednesday 16th March- Yr 3 Family Faith Night 7.30pm

Wednesday 16th March- Assembly Grade 1

Saturday 19th March- School Fete

Wednesday 23rd March- Yr 3 Reflection Day

Wednesday 30 March- Sacramental Celebration Yr 3 -6.30pm

Wednesday 30 March- School Open Day 9am -3pm

Wednesday 30th March- Assembly Prep

Wednesday 6th April - No Assembly

Friday 8th April-Final Day of Term Finish 1.30pm


Term 2 - Main Dates


Tuesday April 26th- First day of Term 2

Wednesday 27th April -School Open Day

Wednesday 18th May -School Open Day

Monday 30th May- School closure

Friday 24th June- Last Day of Term 2


Term 3 Main Dates


Monday July 11th- First day of Term 3

Monday August 22nd - School closure 

September 5th to 7th - Y5 5/6 Camp Arrabri 

Friday September 16th- Last day of Term 3


Term 4 Main Dates


Monday October 4th- First day of Term 4

Monday October 31st - Student free day

Monday November 21st- Yr 3 Camp- Zoo Snooze (1 night)

Tuesday November 22nd- Yr 4 Camp- Zoo Snooze (1night)

Monday December 5th- School closure

Wednesday December 14th - Year 6 last day of Term

Thursday December 15th - Prep to Yr5 last day of Term 4