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Dear Parents/Carers,


Please note that the school will be closed on Thursday 10th and Friday 11th March for the staff to undertake professional development. Extend will provide care during these days provided there is a minimum of ten children attending.


The concept of resilience is one that has certainly been a focus within society and educational settings in recent years, especially through the pandemic. Undoubtedly our resilience and ability to bounce back from adversity have been tested through the past two years, more than it had been in recent memory. Lockdowns and the lack of social freedoms that came with them, made things very different for families. We are social beings and we need social, emotional and physical connection with other people to help us be our best. The pandemic has shone a light on how ‘resilient’ the young people are in our community. The way our children coped with the changing conditions of 2020 and 2021 was astonishing at times.


That said, what we are seeing now in schools, is a different challenge for our children and families. As the children get back into some normality at school, the impact of the absence of social connection across the past couple of years is becoming more and more apparent. We are seeing children struggle with the normal conflict or social challenges that come with being at school. We are seeing students struggle if a situation doesn’t pan out the way they wanted it to. We are seeing parents solving problems for their children. During the pandemic, the children have become very reliant on their mum and dad to help them solve problems as we have spent huge amounts of time together as families. As parents though, our role is to make ourselves redundant. Our role is to equip our children to deal with the challenges that come their way. Our role is to help our children solve the problems, not to solve their problems for them, because in the long run this is not in the best interests of the children. It is important for children to understand that the world is not perfect and they will not win everything, get everything they want and that mistakes are okay. It is our job as adults, to ensure our children can cope with adversity, conflict and challenges, so when they head off to secondary school and beyond, they have a strong sense of self. It is also our role to teach our children to focus on the positives and opportunities in every day.

One of the strategies that has proven very effective in helping children to be more resilient is to practice positive habits of mind every day. Daily reflection is a powerful way to achieve this and it will look different in every household, but one suggestion could be to discuss one of the following questions during dinner time every day:

What was the best part about your day today?

Who are you grateful for today?

What are you looking forward to most about tomorrow?


Ash Wednesday and Lent

Today our students and staff gathered together for a Liturgy to prepare for the beginning of Lent. During Lent, we come closer to God through prayer, fasting, almsgiving and making sacrifices. Lent is also a time for us to remember that Jesus suffered and died for our sins. He rose again from the dead on Easter Sunday. The season of Lent is our opportunity to take time to prepare for the most significant celebration in the Church’s year - Easter. During this time, we are called to make a special effort to listen and talk to God through prayer. Lent is also the time in the Church’s year when we fast, which for us as Catholics means we usually refrain from eating food that we like but do not need. Lent is also a time of giving and thinking about other people and their needs. Giving to those in need is often called almsgiving. It doesn’t have to be money, it might just mean being kind to someone. I encourage all families to spend some time talking with your children about the beginning of Lent and some of the actions your child and household may take during this time. Finally, thank you to the wonderful parents who helped us celebrate Shrove Tuesday yesterday with pancakes.


St Agnes’ School Fete


The St Agnes’ School Fete is two and half weeks away and what an exciting time it is. There is much work to be done in the lead-up and on the day of the Fete, so please head across to the Fete page of this newsletter for further information. The Fete simply cannot run without the assistance of all families, so please sign up to help on a stall - The link to the roster is on the Fete page. All workers on Fete stalls must be at least double-vaccinated against Covid-19. All proceeds from the Fete will be used to furnish our classrooms following the renovation later this year. 


Shade Sails


Just last week, we confirmed an order for two significant shade structures to be built in our playground later this year. There will be a large umbrella structure over the ‘four square’ area in the central courtyard and a three-sail-structure built over the Locinda Street Playground equipment (see the images below). The umbrella structure will be entirely funded by a State Government grant of $25,000, which was awarded to the school at the end of last year. This will provide further outdoor learning spaces for our students and staff to work in as we learn to live with Covid-19. The sails over the playground are wholly funded by the Parents and Friends Association of St Agnes’ and we are very grateful for their hard work and the support of all parents. It is an accumulation of initiatives such as Icy Poles, Walkathons and Sausage Sizzles, amongst other things that have led to this much-needed improvement. The shade sails over the playground will cost just shy of $29,000 and will make a big difference to the safety and comfort of our students each and every day. Please note, the colours are still to be determined.

Welcome Picnic


Last Friday night the weather ‘turned it on’ as we gathered for the P&F Whole School Welcome Picnic. It was once again a terrific social occasion for school families to relax together, catch up, enjoy a casual meal and some music. The occasion was a strong reminder about the great people we have in our school. Thank you to all families who came along!

School Open Days & Sibling Enrolment


The school will hold four open days for families looking at enrolment for 2023:

Wednesday 9th March

Wednesday 30th March

Wednesday 27th April

Wednesday 18th May


Prospective families are welcome to tour the school any time on these days and our Year Six students will lead the tours. Our parents have been great advocates for our school in recent times and we certainly appreciate this. Please encourage local families to come along and check out the educational offerings at St Agnes’. I would also ask that if there are any more current families with siblings due to commence in Prep 2023 that have not already handed in their enrolment form that they do so as soon as possible, to enable us to understand how many places can be offered to new families.


Term One School Fees

Please contact the office if you did not receive your 2022 statement. Term One fees are due 04.03.2022.


School Photos - Tuesday 15th March


School Photos will be taken on Tuesday 15th March. Students are to be in their full Summer school uniform on this day, including navy blue socks and black leather school shoes. For the students who normally have Phys. Ed with Mr Kost on a Tuesday, they can simply bring their runners to school on this day and change for P.E. 

Flyers were distributed to families more than two weeks ago, which includes information about ordering your child's photos. If you have misplaced your flyer, please visit and use the student search to find your child’s order number or contact the school office on 9532 0344. Early Bird orders with free delivery to school close on Thursday, 17 March 2022. A postage fee will apply for orders placed after this date. Sibling orders must be placed prior to 8am on photo day. Please note: Cash orders will not be accepted.


Baby News

There has been some exciting baby news in our school recently. One of our teachers, Josie Miller and her husband Brendan welcomed their second child - Brody John Miller on the 18th February. Congratulations to all.



Tuckshop has recommenced on Fridays and orders can be placed online at the code: lunch2022. 

Please see the Canteen page for the menu and to place your child's Tuckshop order.



We will be holding whole school assemblies outdoors for the next few weeks and parents are welcome to join, while they are outdoors. At assembly, there will be presentations from classes, student awards, birthday acknowledgements and special announcements.

Wed 2nd March - Year 6

Wed 9th March - No Assembly

Wed 16th March - Year 1

Wed 23rd March - No Assembly

Wed 30th March - Prep

Wed 6th April - No Assembly