Friday WebEx Main Cast Aladdin Rehearsal 11.30am


This Friday  15th May, all main cast students will be having their first remote learning rehearsal with Mrs. Polson via the WebEx platform at 11.30am. We ask all main cast to attend (where possible) with their script either digital or paper copy ready to begin rehearsals from Act One, Scene One. The meeting link will be provided in the Main Cast Showbie folder, which all students have access to. The link will be provided 10 minutes before the rehearsal begins. Please message Mrs. Polson in the Main Cast Showbie folder as an individual message (not group) if you are able to attend or have any questions or technical difficulties. 


I am so proud of all of the students for their hard work and dedication to learning their songs and lines. Some children have even taken the initiative to host their own digital rehearsals between peers. Keep up the great work everyone and I look forward to seeing you Friday to kick start our rehearsals!