Specialists - 

 Performing Arts, Physical Education & Visual Arts

Welcome Back! 

All of the Specialist staff would like to welcome back families and students to what we anticipate will be an exciting 2021! 


This year we have many wonderful opportunities planned for the students in the areas of Physical Education, Visual Arts and Performing Arts. In these areas, we will continue to teach high quality programs that develop the student's abilities and make learning connections with all facets of the curriculum. We look forwards to using the iNewsletter platform to communicate with our families and to share the triumphs of the students.


Please see the below headings for information pertaining to each Specialist area...

Physical Education

This year we welcome Miss Wood (Faneco) to the Specialist Team! We are excited to see her in the new PE teaching role each Monday, teaching all Years Three and Four students. We know that she will bring great energy, skill and positivity to her new role. 


On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday the Foundation, Years One, Two, Five and Six students will all be taught PE by the very knowledgeable Katherine. We look forward to seeing this power team providing active and engaging opportunities for all students at Miners Rest Primary School. 


A friendly reminder from Miss Wood and Katherine...

Each week all students will require their school hats and drink bottles for all activities. If students do not have a hat for outside activity then they will be required to sit in a shaded area which is consistent with the recess and lunch time policy. 


We look forward to a very busy Term One with finishing off the inter-school tennis trials from last year and developing our athletics and ball sports skills in preparation for the sports in the last week of term. 


Inter-School Tennis - Wednesday 17 February

Athletic Sports - Wednesday 31 March

Ball Sports - Thursday 1 April

Visual Arts

This year we welcome Mrs. Bleicher to the specialist team and to her new role teaching Visual Arts to all students from Monday to Thursday. Mrs. Bleicher is very passionate about all facets of Visual Arts and enjoys exploring and creating with different arts materials. We are excited about providing this opportunity for all students this year and cannot wait to see the students creations. 


Did you know...

Our Visual Art lessons will take place in Room 8 next to the Library. This room was previously used for Performing Arts and is now set up ready for your Visual Arts lessons.


A friendly reminder from the Art Room...

A big thank you to the students who have already come along to their first art lesson wearing their smocks! As previously communicated last year through Sentral and the newsletter, all students this year will be required to have their own art smock.  We do have a number of spare smocks in the art room, so if there is the odd occasion that a student forgets their smock, they will be expected to wear one of these during their lesson. 


 Please see the below information regarding the type of smock that is best for our students.


A smock that has long sleeves and elastic gathered neckline and cuffs is ideal, as it allows good coverage of clothes and it is easier to put on and take off.

Smocks will be kept in classrooms and will be sent home on a regular basis for laundering.

Please ensure your child’s smock is clearly labelled with their name and room number before sending to school.

Below are some examples of suitable smocks, which are currently available from Target and Best and Less.  


Thank you to Charlie for being a wonderful Year Six leader and role model this week by coming to art organised!  Charlie would like to remind everyone that it is important to wear your smock so that your clothes stay clean!


Performing Arts 

This year Mrs. Polson will continue to provide a multitude of Music and Performing Arts opportunities to all students at Miners Rest. Our first term is filled with fun and engaging activities to build connections between peers and confidence in ourselves. With a variety of engaging vocal, instrumental, movement and technology activities planned, we will be sure to have some performances to share via the SeeSaw and Showbie platforms. 


Did you know...

The Performing Arts classroom has re-located to the Learning Pod! We are fortunate to have this large carpeted space to make music together. It also allows the students the freedom to explore a range of volumes when music making, ensuring that we are respectful and not interrupting the learning of others. 


A friendly reminder from the Performing Arts Room...

All students are encouraged to bring a drink bottle to Performing Arts time as singing and movement can be thirsty work!