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Welcome to 2021

Career planning is a complex developmental outcome that occurs through experiences with school, family, work, and information that is obtained from many sources.  In teenagers, career planning usually takes place in the context of conversations with parents, friends, teachers, and mentors. Research indicates that positive social relationships and a sense of well-being also have a major impact on career preparation of adolescents. With these factors in mind, John XXIII College is the best place to be to start the career planning journey.


We currently have over 40 senior students studying off-site courses or participating in work experience.  




Our Senior Students who are studying off-site courses this year are raring to go. We currently have students enrolled in:

  • North Metropolitan TAFE
  • South Metropolitan TAFE
  • Fremantle Education Centre
  • Diamond Fitness
  • Work Experience (InStepWest)

The Year 10 students will continue to participate in the Pathway Planning program and be encouraged to start their planning early for transition into Year 11 and 12.


Throughout the year key dates and events will be communicated through the Newsletter such as University and TAFE open days and events. Appointments to discuss courses of interest can be made using my contact details.  


I welcome the opportunity to offer guidance and support to all students and their families in 2021.


John XXIII College Pathways Career Tools is here! 


I would encourage all students and families to explore this site for information ranging from WACE and Post School options to goal setting, resume writing and more!


More information will be added as the year progresses. 


Career Development is Everybody’s Business 

Do you know:

  • parents are the greatest influence on the career decisions of young people
  • what employers are looking for
  • where to find up-to-date career pathway information?

Come along and hear from education, training and industry representatives on how you can best support young people.

7:00 pm – 8:30 pm AWST




If you would like an apprenticeship or traineeship while at school find out more here HERE.


Defence Force Gap Year 

  • Spend 12-months in the Navy, Army or Air Force, where you get paid and gain skills is an option for school leavers.
  • sign up for updates on deadlines HERE.

University News

29 January Fogarty Scholarship Applications Open


The Fogarty Scholarships are awarded to students who apply to UWA who demonstrate outstanding academic and extra-curricular achievements. 


The scholarship delivers financial support but the academic extension and networking that the scholarship delivers will ensure lasting support for “Fogarty Scholars”. 


Applications close on 23 May. 

Check out the scholarship HERE.


Find out more about W.A. Universities 

Some universities have published their on campus open dates and others are still online at this stage. Admission pathways for 2022 are still unclear. 



Sunday 28 March

Stay up to date!

We'll be announcing more information shortly on our 2022 admission pathways. 

Register your details and we'll keep you updated.




Sunday 11 April: Joondalup 

Sunday 18 April: Mt Lawley (WAAPA)




Yr 10 Parent Info night

Our Admissions team is currently reviewing its entry pathways. 

Please check our pathways page regularly to be the first to know of any changes.

Curtin pathways


Notre Dame


Open Day on Demand




Open Every Day




17 March ECU Future Student Information Expo

Come along to our Expo evening and learn about our courses, entry pathways and facilities.

Wednesday, 17 March, 6.00pm - 7.30pm Joondalup 

Register HERE.


Choosing Your Subject Mix at Uni


I have had students tell me that they want to go to University X “because you can design your own degree”. 


All West Australian universities have flexibility built into their degrees. 

You can negotiate what subjects (units) your degree will include with an expert in the faculty. The subjects that are included in your degree can include ones that are done overseas. 


All West Australian universities have partnerships with universities around the world. Through these partnerships, you can find interesting specialist subjects to study. Some of these subjects can be paid for through a scholarship. 


Commonwealth Supported Places at Notre Dame

The University of Notre Dame Australia has been promoted to a Table A university under the Higher Education Support Act!


 This means that, from January 2021:

  • Eligible students will have full access to Commonwealth Supported Places (CSP) and HECS-HELP for all undergraduate degrees at Notre Dame.
  • Fees for these degrees at Notre Dame will be in line with other public universities in Australia.
  • Students requiring additional support from the University will have equitable access to Government funded programs.

 For fee information, visit our website or contact the Prospective Students Office


Comparisons of Actual and Indicative ATAR’s 2021 

This table identifies courses with an ATAR cut-off rant 5 or more above the minimum rank. 


This table shows data relating to offers made through TISC as published on the TISC website.



Curtin asked schools to apply through TISC. 

Other universities offered direct enrolment to schools so lots of students at other universities didn’t go through TISC.


Minimum rank:  Indicates the minimum ATAR required to be eligible for entry to the course, subject to meeting any other requirements and places being available. 


Universities in WA 2020 Ranking from Good Universities Guide


To read the full report go to the Good Universities Guide







MeasureWA universities ranking

Overall satisfaction

This rating looks at the proportion of students who were satisfied with the overall quality of their educational experience.


  • Notre Dame blitzed WA’s overall ratings again (88%). They were equal first in Australia with Bond University. 
  • ECU again achieved outstanding student satisfaction with 84%.
  • Murdoch and Curtin both achieved 81% satisfaction.
  • UWA achieved 80% and CQU achieved 78%

Social Equity

This rating shows what proportion of domestic students enrolling at each university come from low socioeconomic or disadvantaged backgrounds

  • CQU scored highest in Australia for this with 40%. 
  • Murdoch scored next highest in WA with 23%
  • ECU and Curtin both scored 18%.
  • UWA scored 9%.

Undergraduate courses Staff Qualification 

This rating looks at the proportion of staff who hold a masters or doctoral degree.


  • Curtin 79%
  • Murdoch 74%
  • UWA 73%
  • ECU 72%
  • Notre Dame 44%

Interesting that Notre Dame students were the most satisfied, yet their lecturers and tutors were the least qualified. Bev

Student Demand 

This rating looks at where high-achieving domestic students choose to study.


  • UWA is highest in Australia with 0% low 55% medium and 45% high ranking ATAR students choosing UWA.
  • CQU had Low: 20% Medium: 70% High: 10%
  • Murdoch  Low: 15 Medium: 75 High: 10


First Generation 

The proportion of students commencing a Bachelor’s degree whose parents’ education did not exceed Year 12

  • CQU 48%
  • ECU 41%
  • Murdoch 37%
  • Curtin 34%
  • Notre Dame 31%
  • UWA 24%

Undergraduate Learner Engagement 

The extent to which students were prepared to study, had a sense of belonging, were prepared to participate in discussions, worked with other students.

  • Notre Dame 77%
  • Curtin 66%
  • ECU 66%
  • Murdoch 60%
  • UWA 59%
  • CQU 48%
Skills Development 
  • Notre Dame 91%
  • ECU 86%
  • Curtin 83%
  • Murdoch 82%
  • CQU 80%
  • UWA 77%
Student Support
  • Notre Dame 83%
  • ECU 80%
  • Murdoch 79%
  • CQU 76%
  • UWA and Curtin 74%

Full time work 

This rating compares the employment rates of graduates from different universities.

  • CQU 80%
  • Notre Dame 79%
  • Curtin 70%
  • Murdoch 62%
  • ECU 58%
  • UWA 57%
Starting Salaries of graduates
  • CQU $66,000
  • Curtin $65,000
  • Notre Dame $64,600
  • ECU $62,600
  • Murdoch $60,500
  • UWA $57,500

Where to get good information about Gap Years for 2022


If you think a Gap Year could be a good option for you in 2022 you can find out about them at Youth Central which is a Victorian government site. The information about your options and what to be careful of is just as relevant to students in WA. 

  • The Youth Central site has information on studying overseas, scholarships and links to further information. 
  • If you choose to take a gap year but think you might want to go to university later, you should still apply through the normal TISC process in August/September, then defer for a year once you get offered a place. 

Build Your Employability Skills


Employment research shows there are three things that employees are looking for:

  1. Education achievements 
  2. Employment experience 
  3. Attitude

Employers say that they can teach technical skills on the job, but that they want new employers who have good interpersonal skills, have some experience behind them and who are willing to learn.


MyFuture gives tips on how to develop Employability Skills before you leave high school.

Overseas Study Information Sessions

Apply to American Universities with Education USA


Thinking of studying in the UK?



Important Dates

Candidates taking the UCAT ANZ in 2021 for entry to universities in Australia and New Zealand in 2022 should note these key dates (deadline times are in AEST - Australian Eastern Standard Time)


UCAT: Frequently Asked Questions


1. What's the format of the UCAT?

The UCAT is a 2-hour computer-based test consisting of 233 multiple-choice questions divided into 5 subtests - Verbal Reasoning, Decision Making, Quantitative Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning and Situational Judgement.


2. Should students train for the UCAT?

From my UCAT teaching experience, students perform better after they practice the online exam format and question styles. Your students are invited to create a free account to try theory lessons, quizzes, and complete a free full UCAT exam on our online exam simulator. 

3. When should I start studying for the UCAT?

Students become busy during Year 12 with the demands of the HSC. Many successful students start UCAT study in the December-January school holidays to minimise the workload during their HSC year.

4. Which universities require the UCAT?

The UCAT is used to assist with the selection of students into Medicine and Dentistry at the following universities:

NSW - The University of New South Wales

NSW - The University of Newcastle/ University of New England

NSW - Western Sydney University

QLD - The University of Queensland

SA - The University of Adelaide

TAS - University of Tasmania

VIC - Monash University

WA - Curtin University

WA - The University of Western Australia


Employment Pathways for People with Intellectual Disability


Inclusion Australia has launched the Everyone Can Work website. This website helps people with intellectual disability and their families to understand the supports available to get into open employment.

Inclusion Australia are running free online training sessions for people with intellectual disability and their families during November 2020. To register, click here.


How to Build Your Career Online


Get a decent camera and microphone. Show your workspace online, it gives context.

These are some of the tips to workers who will probably have to work online either full time or sometimes. 


How to build your career online in 2021




Some great resources here.


Can’t get a job without experience Can’t get experience without a job 


This fantastic article gives great tips for senior students on how to work towards getting a job. ‘

Leeuwin Ocean Adventures

The 5+ day voyages on the Sail Training Ship Leeuwin ll are a  SCSA Endorsed Program. Students may record up to 3 WACE Units and have their achievements recorded on the WASSA. 


Curtin University Learning Futures Network membership allows the voyage to be recognised as evidence for Scholarships and Alternative Pathway Portfolio Entry.


Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CaLD) students may apply for the Future Connect Voyage


Lyn Alexander

Head of Pathways and Transition

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