Languages Corner

Udon Making Workshops

Jun Tanimura, the travelling udon maker, visited our school to teach our Japanese students in Years 7, 8 and 9 how to make the traditional Japanese noodles! To create a chewy texture, the dough was left overnight and stepped on before rolling it out and cutting it up to individual noodles. The students had a great time making their own udon and eating them with nori (seaweed), tsuyu (soy based sauce) and goma (sesame).

Japanese Consulate Visit

Ms Zilla Bailey and Ms Kumiko Toyama from the Japanese Consulate Melbourne visited our Year 9s and spoke about the fantastic opportunities learning an additional language would bring, especially Japanese. Zilla shared her experiences in language learning and working abroad after learning Japanese. The Year 9s asked Zilla about life after school in language learning and had a great time dressing up in yukata, the summer kimono.   

Karen Muramatsu

Japanese Teacher

2017 Alliance Francaise Berthe Mouchette Competition

This year, 110 schools and more than 13,000 students across the state participated in the prestigious Alliance Francaise Berthe Mouchette Competition.


We had more than 200 students take part and 21 finalists (achieving a perfect score). Well done to all students who participated - it is a great experience to take their French language learning to a different level. External examiners came to the school and we are very proud of the achievements of our students. Many students just missed out on the finals and got 19/19.5 out of 20.

Our students who got a perfect score of 20/20, la crème de la crème are:


Year 7

  1. Emily McLenaghan 7A ( French speakers category)
  2. Jarrod Wisdom 7A (French speakers category)
  3. Shaonika Basu 7D
  4. Aiden Crawford 7C
  5. Kael Lok 7C
  6. Daniel Mijares Mendez 7C
  7. Jasmyn Roberts 7B


Year 8

  1. James Mazis 8E
  2. Jasmine Shaw 8B


Year 9

  1. Tahlia Delaney-Murnane  9C
  2. Estelle  Lipovetsky 9C
  3. Leah Sandow 9C
  4. Bridie Skinner 9C
  5. Mitchell Bennie 9C (French speakers category)
  6. Aurelie Personnier 9C (French speakers category)
  7. Sharon Mascarenhas 9B
  8. Sophie Rowsell 9B
  9. Adelin Zipman 9E


Year 11 and 12

  1. Alice Hornby 12D
  2. Mathilde Papon 11B (French speakers category) Oral and Writing Finalist
  3. Berenice Mickelburough 11B (French speakers category)

French Model United Nations Conference

Greta Sandow, Mathilde Papon, Morgan Edwards and Phoebe Foldvari participated in the French Model United Nations Conference organised by the United Nations Association of Victoria. It was a fantastic opportunity for our students to meet about 100 other students in Victoria who are studying French at VCE level. Our students proudly represented France and debated in French on the topic of Asylum Seekers and Refugees: A Global Humanitarian Crisis.


Representing France, our students had to answer many questions during the discussion for the resolution and they all stepped up and defended their position all in French with conviction!

Well done to all students involved!


Loveena Narayanen

Head of Languages