Principal's Message

Dear Families,

The following is the Galilee Bulletin which is designed to remind you of upcoming events and is sent home every two weeks. It alternates with the Newsletter which is a lengthier communication which is also sent home fortnightly, meaning that you receive updated information each week from Galilee.

Thankyou to the many families that attended last Friday's Twilight Picnic. The students were entertained by the Jumping Castle and sporting equipment and their behaviour was exemplary. It was wonderful to see so many new families present and being welcomed so openly. Thankyou to the Social and Fundraising Group for their preparation. 

Today I visited MSAC and observed the swimming lessons. The students I spoke to expressed their enjoyment. I noticed that the students were in small groups and being taught professionally.

I hope that all families have made an appointment for Meet the Teacher as we value your input in the education of your children.

Simon Millar

Meet the Teacher

A reminder to book a time to meet with your child's teacher next Wednesday February 22. Children will finish school at 1.30pm. Log onto PTO through the school website to receive your pin for booking. Call the office if you're having trouble logging on.


Please note that the meetings are designed for parents/guardians to provide information that will assist the teachers in working with the students in 2017. The meetings are not intended for teachers to provide academic progress about the students.


Prep Meet the Teacher will be held Wednesday March 1 with children finishing school as normal, 3.25pm. Please call Wendy or Tegan in the office to book your time.

Yr. 5/6 Camp Meeting

A short meeting for parents regarding the Year 5/6 camp to Valley Homestead in Ovens will take place Tuesday February 21 at 3pm in the school hall.

Camp forms are due tomorrow, Friday 17th February.


At Galilee we use CareMonkey to communicate important information and permission for children to take part in various excursions, sports days or activities. 

Please ensure once you have signed up, that you keep all information updated. 

If you experience any difficulties with CareMonkey you can contact them directly using the purple chat symbol.


There are already some forms that require your response asap.

Classroom Helper Course

Last Friday a Classroom Helper form was sent home to all families. Please return the form with your preferred date and time circled by Friday February 24. 

If you have completed a Classroom Helper session in the past, you will not need to attend.

Open Mornings

Visit your child's classroom on Monday mornings from 8.35-8.55am.