From Our Principal,

Chris Chant

For an Improved Remote and Flexible Learning Program


Our staff are continuously reflecting upon the feedback from parents, in order to improve our Remote and Flexible Learning Program.  You may have noticed the increase in the number of live sessions within your class group. Live sessions enable teachers to give instant feedback on a specific task, increase the student’s connectedness and help develop student engagement. 



Teachers have also been sharing their skills in technology during their weekly Professional Learning sessions. This improves the quality and impact of their videos and online presentation.  I am quite amazed by the level of collaboration within our Teams.  This year, our teachers have been constantly developing and improving their technology skills, taking risks and learning new ways of teaching.  Teachers are doing an amazing job in very challenging circumstances and so to are our resilient students and the amazing parents who support the learners at every opportunity.


Many thanks to all our students who contribute each week to the presentation of a whole school virtual assembly. Your work is greatly appreciated and the quality of your work has improved so much.


Welcome to our new staff members:


We are pleased to announce the engagement of two new staff members:


Welcome to Corinn Crawford. Mrs. Crawford has been replacing Maureen Bodie, who is currently on leave. She has accepted a contract, until the end of this year, and will continue in her role with the Grade 2 Binome students.   It is a pleasure to “re-welcome” such a talented and devoted teacher to our team.


Welcome to Marine Guénard. Melle Guénard has been appointed as a French Classroom assistant and will support the French Binational program during remote learning. Marine completed her diploma at La Sorbonne in France.  Welcome to our team.


French support during remote and flexible learning


Since the Remote and Flexible Learning Program began, we have been developing strategies to support the lack of exposure of French for our students. We are conscious that approximately 25% of our students enrolled in our program, do not have a French speaker at home to help them with remote learning.  We are also aware that some French speaking parents are not working from home and are unable to support their children. So far, our Binome teachers have produced most of their instructions in French and English. This allows comprehension for all families and the staff are also developing a tutorial to support parents.  Teachers have implemented small groups live sessions to develop French oral activities like reading speaking and listening.


Two of our staff members, Miss O’Farrell and Mrs. Duimovich are supporting our EAL (English as an Additional Language) and FLE (Français langue étrangère) students with one on one lessons via Visio conference.  Next week, two new staff members will join this team to help teachers in the improvement of French support during remote learning.  Our learning specialists and curriculum leaders are also developing French resources to support the French program.


A reminder, in reference to the DHHS website.


If your child has symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19), seek medical advice and arrange to have them tested. They should remain in isolation at home at least until they receive the test result. Please provide us with a copy of the negative test result prior to them returning to school.


If your child is attending onsite learning and is tested for COVID-19 and that child returns a positive test or a member of your household is tested and returns a positive test, please contact the school immediately.


During school hours please call the school - 03 95096872.

After school hours please email –