Focus on Learning 

Rebecca Hofman

Leader of Pedagogy

I am a Learner


This week, we continue to focus on the rule for living 'I am a Learner'.


As each week progresses, we will continue to talk about what this means. 

As a school, we have decided that the first step of being a leaner is to show up. Turning up to school on time each day is vital. The first few minutes of each school day allows students to settle into the learning environment and find out what the day has install for them. It can be very unsettling for students who arrive after class starts, as they may have missed the morning greeting and crucial messages they need to succeed in their learning. 


The next step to being a learner is to come prepared and ready to have a go. Being a learner means being brave to try new things, attempt new questions and build understanding. If students come to school each day prepared and ready to have a go, they will be willing to try, try and try again. Through this, they will also understand that making mistakes is not only OK, but also a pivotal element to learning. 


As each week passes, we will keep adding to our steps for being a learner. To continue this focus at home, you may wish to bring 'showing up' and 'coming prepared and ready to have a go' into your home conversations.