Positive Climate for Learning

Grade 1/2 Learning Community

In the 1/2 Learning Community, we have been focusing on our wellbeing and social connectedness during the past 2 weeks of remote learning. Students were encouraged to write a list of things they are grateful for and decorate a jar to place these thoughts in to. 


Some of the things our 1/2 students were grateful for are:

  • Their families
  • Their friends
  • Their teachers
  • Their pets
  • Their toys
  • Being healthy

The 1/2 students also enjoyed their Morning Check-In Google Meets where they began the day with some fun and laughter, checked in on how they were feeling each day and got their bodies moving around through a range of virtual physical exercise activities.


We also held a Lunch Club at 12:30pm each day where the 1/2 students could bring along their sandwiches and connect with their teachers and friends. Lunch Club was an informal, relaxed session where students could reflect on the learning they did that day and chat about any topics at all that interested them and ask each other questions – just as they would do at school.


It was a lot of fun joining in to these sessions across the 1/2 ‘virtual’ Learning Community and seeing all of our students happy, smiling faces during these sessions!