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Bunnings BBQ Update

On July 23 Nossal held their Annual Bunnings Sausage Sizzle at Fountain Gate.


We made a PROFIT of $2,600 from the event, BIG thanks to all those who gave up their weekend time and volunteered on the day. This would not be possible without the support from all the items and money that was donated by our school community for the day. 


Infact all the items that was required for the BBQ were covered by the donations and all the money made on the day was a PROFIT that is now handed over to the PFA. Below is a snapshot of all the money collected and expense incurred.

The TEAM who helped make this event a great SUCCESS!!!

In recognition of the support from all parents, Roger Page has kindly offered to sign a certificate of appreciation. Stay tuned😊

Upcoming Events

Look out for the Father’s Day Badminton organized by the PFA & Nossal Badminton Club. Please register to express your interest in the link below. We have about 20 Teams registered to date, so if you want to come and have some fun with your parent, HURRY UP & please register before Friday 12 August.

Registration Link: Fathers Day

Fathers Day Badminton 2022 

This event is organized by Nossal High School PFA & Badminton Club 


General outline: 

  • Parents and students in a team of two with other participants (doubles game) 
  • The form is to be filled once UNLESS you have siblings from the school that want to participate. 
  • Rallies to happen on a selected day with rounds with a winning team 
  • After consent with your parent, fill in google form to express your interest. Fathers Day 
  • $5 registration fee per team - money goes to PFA. (Payable on match day) 

Venue: Nossal High School Gym. 

Event timeline: 12 August 

Registrations close 17 August

Fixtures will be sent 20 & 27 August - Matches (Planned on Saturday after 12 Noon)

Finals tentative on Saturday 3 September 



Badminton Rules

  • At no time during the game should the player touch the net, with his racquet or his body. 
  • The shuttlecock should not be carried on or come to rest on the racquet. 
  • A player should not reach over the net to hit the shuttlecock. 
  • A serve must carry cross court (diagonally) to be valid. 
  • During the serve, a player should not touch any of the lines of the court, until the server strikes the shuttlecock. 
  • During the serve the shuttlecock should always be hit from below the waist. 
  • A point is added to a player's score as and when he wins a rally.  A player wins a rally when he strikes the shuttlecock, and it touches the floor of the opponent's side of the court or when the opponent commits a fault. The most common type of fault is when a player fails to hit the shuttlecock over the net, or it lands outside the boundary of the court. 
  • Each side can strike the shuttlecock only once before it passes over the net. Once hit, a player can't strike the shuttlecock in a new movement or shot. 
  • The shuttlecock hitting the ceiling, is counted as a fault. 
  • Players are to play a fair game and have fun in court in spirit of Father’s Day! 

PFA Registration Reminder

Reminder that if you have not completed the PFA registration form yet and wish to stay, you must do so immediately (see link and QR code below). You will be registered and remain in the group if you have previously done so.

Members who have not completed their registration form by the next meeting will be presumed to no longer wish to be a PFA member.  If you do not register right now, you can always register later to join the PFA. We appreciate all contributions from our amazing parents and friends. We would welcome both the new and the established parents to be part of the team. Feel free to reach out for a chat!     

Meet Our PFA

We asked Trudi, a long time PFA member to talk about her experience in the committee so far.

1. How long have you been involved in PFA

2. What made you join the PFA 3. Have you volunteered in any PFA events? If so, which one would be your favourite? 

4. What do you like about the PFA so far?

5. If you could improve one thing about the association, what would it be?

Lastly, what would you like to tell about the new parents about joining the PFA.


Hi my name is Trudi and I am a long standing PFA member. The school was established in 2010 and the PFA was up and running the following year. I joined the fledgling group to help support the school and parents. From that time to now the PFA has become an important part of the fabric of the school. Many of the programs run by the school have been supported by the PFA over the years. This has been through monetary help or by purchasing resources. Did you know that some of the equipment the students use today has been funded wholly or in part by the PFA? Some examples of this are the bike stands, goal posts on the oval and the greenery in the library courtyard.

I am pleased to say the PFA has forged ahead and has grown to what it is today. We hold several fundraising events during the year. This includes the Bunnings sausage sizzle and the end of year uniform and book sale. The PFA also provides a service to the parents by running a second-hand uniform shop, along with several stalls during the year. 

I have found the PFA very welcoming of new members and have myself forged new friendships within the group. When you are working with friends it doesn't feel like work at all!

So, why don't you join?


Thanks, Trudi, for taking time and the PFA appreciates all the support that you provide. I hope you sharing your experience will motivate more parents to come and join. If you would like to share your PFA experience, please do reach out!

Uniform Shop

Students and parents are again reminded that the Secondhand Uniform is open on the first Monday of each month, during school terms. The shop is located at the rear of northern (Jean Russell Centre) carpark, inside the front door of the Fitness Centre. The shop opens between 8:30am and 9:30am with all proceeds going to projects and equipment for the school. The shop will next open on Monday 1 August. Donations of uniform are very welcome and can be left at Reception. 

Next PFA Meeting

The next meeting of the Nossal PFA will be held Wednesday 3 August, commencing at 7pm. If you would like to Join the PFA and be part of this vibrant school community group, please reach out to Shankar Ramadas 


Ph: (0423125892) and we will send you the PFA forms.


Shankar Ramadas 

Nossal PFA Communications Officer  


Learn how the PFA operates

Find out about upcoming events

See how you can become involved in activities

Goals of the PFA include:

Promote friendship and support within the Nossal Community through social activities

Provide a forum for communication amongst the Nossal community

Help raise funds to support school programs

Liaise with the school council and Leadership Team

Support the teaching staff

Visit for more information