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Theatre Studies Performance Round Up 

Production 2022 

Peter Pan 2022!! What a ride! It was the culmination of 6 months of work to put together a spectacular show, and did it ever pay off! Over the span of 3 nights, Nossal’s Production shone as 70+ kids, with the help of many teachers, put on 3 very entertaining performances. With a mixture of Comedy, Drama and K-Pop, Peter Pan had everything you need to make a fun show - and was it ever fun!


Each night the show was met with constant laughing, and cheering from the audience, whether it was to support the best dancer in the epic Peter vs Spider Lily dance battle (clearly it was Peter), or to revive Peter’s faithful fairy companion, Tinkerbell. Peter Pan also set a new record in Nossal’s history, as having the most tickets sold in an opening night for a Nossal Production! A new record that will hopefully be topped next year in 2023!  


To everyone who was involved in production this year, thank you. We appreciate all the effort you have put in to make this show what it was. To our amazing actors, you brought Peter Pan to life with your massive personalities. To the dancers, your energy and enthusiasm made the k-pop dancing the highlight of the show. To backstage, we wouldn’t have had a show without you, all the props and set items looked fantastic (especially The Planets - thanks Ms Cilia!!). Thank you again, for making my last (and on behalf of the class of 2022) production at Nossal, a memorable and enjoyable one!  


Finally, to any of you who saw Peter Pan and loved what you saw, Production 2023 is just around the corner! 


Jack Moeller -  Drama Captain 

Year 12 

A Year 9 Perspective on the Production Experience  

“Saturday night is dance night!” It also marked the last show of Peter Pan, and although everyone who helped is extremely proud of how it went, we are devasted it is over. Despite being roped into this rollercoaster of a ride, I do not regret a minute. 


This incredible process began with auditions - one of which I may have forgotten to go to. I was very confused since it was my first time, but the audition panel was very understanding and took everyone through the process without much uncertainty. 


Then the first rehearsal began. I walked into the theatre, searching for anyone I knew. Although I did not know anyone and no one knew me, everyone was friendly, and I was never left out. The other actors were always trying to include me in their conversations, and even attempted (many times) to carry me around the theatre in a bid to create the more developed relationships that come over time.  


The next few weeks involved lots of laughing, blocking, laughing, practising lines, and more laughing. Although most of us had no clue what the finished show was going to look like, we all worked as a team to get all the scenes, transitions, props and sets together for the three shows. 


Then came production week. The whole week I was a mixture of nervous, excited, and scared, and these emotions kept coming and going throughout the many runs and rehearsals that occurred throughout the week. On Thursday, we were ready.  


So, if you want to have fun and make friends, do production! 


Jashith Gajaria  

Year 9 Griffin 

From the Producer 

‘Second star to the right and straight on ‘til morning’, the pure joy and imagination that was played out in our humble theatre is a show that won’t be easily forgotten. Peter Pan is a difficult story to tell and sustain interest in - at times, the darker themes and plot of the play can easily overshadow the notions of play and wonder of being a kid. The students, involved in this year’s production in every aspect, managed to capture both the fun camp nature of the play and the heartfelt aspects of the play.  

The rehearsal process took over 4 months, but the pay off was worth it as the last two weeks really saw the show come together. I want to express my admiration for the dedication of the cast and crew - it takes a lot of resilience and persistence to stick with the highs and lows of putting a show, but the reward and pay off is high. The show would not have happened, if it weren’t for the outstanding leadership of our Drama Captains: Cecilia Liu, Jack Moller and Nathan Orrell. They really stepped up to the plate when I was whisked away to take on higher duties for the school.  


To the alumni: Nathan Dinh, Gabby Rota, Neha Cherayath and Neha Nair, a big thank you for coming in on the holidays and during production week to help the show get into shape and show ready. Your expertise and leadership was valued by the cast and crew and were vital in getting us to opening night. 


You will often hear the production students refer to it as a family. The family vibe is strong with the older students mentoring and looking after the younger students and everyone working together to achieve a singular goal. The environment is supportive, and it was great to see everyone assisting each other with makeup and costumes and the wonderful shout outs that were happening each day of the final rehearsal process and show nights. After two years of cancelled shows, it was great to have a full season back in the theatre and that the spirit of performance was truly alive and well.  


It was hard to be sad on the last night, as the energy was electric. A few weeks post show, it is still hard to feel sad at the end of the show - I can only look back with a giant grin on my face and love in my heart for such a fantastic show.  To the class of 2022, thank you for your hard work and are grateful for all that you have put into the productions over the past few years.  


Finally, thank you to all those who came and supported the show. The magic of theatre is not possible without you! See you in 2023 for our next school production! But before then, be sure to get yourself to HPAF 2022 on August 30 at Robert Blackwood Hall!   

Mr Woon  

Theatre Producer