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Senior Boys Badminton are off to the State Finals! Senior Girls finished runners up at the Regional Final! 

After many years of interschool sports being cancelled and postponed due to COVID - the Nossal Senior Boys and Senior Boys Badminton teams played in the Southern Metro Region finals! On Wednesday 20 June, Nossal's badminton team played at Springers in Keysborough, with the girls team finishing runners up to MacRobertson Girls school and the Senior Boys defeating Melbourne High School to advance to the State Finals. As a part of the senior girl's team, we had to compete against, McClelland Secondary College and Mt Eliza Secondary. Both proved to be challenging but we were able to win our pool matches to play in the final to see who would make it to the state final. This meant that we lined up in the final against MacRobertson Girls School. They are a badminton powerhouse, regularly either winning or finishing runners up at the state final. It was always going to be a tough contest, but we tried our best and ended up finishing runners up.  I would like to thank my team of: Anupama Vijayakumar, Janice Lim, Jasmine Lam, Sandithma Weerasinghe and Tazeen Atif, as well as our coaches Mr. Ratnayake and Mr. Armistead, for all of their hard work and great cheering and hopefully we can go one better next year! 


Creating opportunities, competitive kindness, respectful sportsmanship, this year's badminton regional's had it all! During our time at Springers, we demonstrated important characteristics (kudos to all the teams playing) that ignited our success on the day. One of the most entertaining games of the day was when we found people cheering Mt Eliza and Nossal along, leaving the whole stadium ringing with chants and erupting with applause. 


Nossal Seniors boys had a tough final against a mighty strong Melbourne High School. The final score went 5-1 Nossal's way, with a win in all but one of the matches for the whole day. As a team I believe we produced unbelievable sporting strategies earning a well deserved win as regional champions. I would like to thank my team mates, Joel Koay, John Pandian, Christopher Go, Jia Yue Chua and our captain Jie Yie Chua for their hardwork and determination throughout the competition. We will be competing in the State Finals on Thursday August 12. Go Nossal!!!


Ria Kumar & Shubham Poojary

Year 11

Senior Girls Footy

The senior girls footy team played impressively well at the south metropolitan regionals game on the July 28. Despite having only 16 players (there are 18 players on the field at once and ideally 22 would have been great but we made it work) we still managed to play two games against Koo Wee Rup and Frankston. 


We began each game with an iconic Nossal on three cheer which everyone enthusiastically cheered. This led to the game being played with enthusiasm and optimism. The main goal of this was to have fun and the girls exemplified this by their efforts on the oval and the way they gave their best in every game no matter the outcome or how strong the opponents were.  


While it did take a while to warm up to the game, with most of us having not played any footy before, the girls courageously went forth to defend the ball and did not hesitate to tackle for the ball even if it meant flying in the other direction or getting bruised in multiple places. Kudos to Sabina for persisting despite getting knocked down so many times.  Throughout the game, teamwork was demonstrated from the way we worked together to defend, with our forwards running up to defend when the ball wasn't reaching the attacking side. We even managed to get the ball up to the attacking side a few times which was not an easy feat but we supported one another and persisted. Good job to Gemma and Evalyn who demonstrated exemplary leadership skills from being encouraging as well as supportive of their other players.  


A big thank you to Mr. Jose and Ms. ball for taking time out of their busy schedules to come along with us and for coaching us along the way. Also, to Rory, for coming along and being so supportive of us. Lastly thank you to every single one of the players, no matter your position or how many times you got the ball, for the hard work and effort that you could really see paid off.  Overall a job well done and definitely an unforgettable experience and one that will also be remembered and treasured.


Bernice Choo

Year 11