WELC Report

Message from the Acting WELC Coordinator


- Ms. Debby Morgan

Things have been very busy in the Language Centre.  In the last month, we held our Parent Teacher Interviews, which were well attended, and a positive night.  Students, parents and guardians and teachers spoke together and reflected on student learning and possible future directions.


The students also participated in an African drumming session, run by Michael Coco, where students were given the opportunity to explore playing drums in a fun and supportive group environment.  It was great to see everyone give it a go and work together to create an amazing rhythm.


We will also be going on an excursion to the city on Monday 24 June, where students' understanding about both Aboriginal history and graffiti will bring on deeper meaning as they visit both the Melbourne Museum and Hosier Lane. Students and teachers are looking forward to this day!


It is the final few weeks of term and many students are completing their last fortnight in the Language Centre. These students have participated in a variety of different classes in English, and have worked hard to build up their language skills so they are ready to exit to mainstream school.  It is has been particularly pleasing to see students take initiative and leadership in sports classes by teaching other students about a game from their country. The skills and language that students have acquired in the Language Centre will help give them a solid foundation for their study in mainstream classes. During their time in the Language Centre, students have also built up strong friendships with other students from a diverse range of backgrounds and cultures and we hope these friendships continue even after they leave the Language Centre.


I wish those students, who will be transitioning to mainstream high schools, all the very best with their future studies and hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable Term 2 holidays!


Ms. Debby Morgan

Acting WELC Coordinator




This semester has been busy in the music elective. 


In Term One students learned the words of fourteen songs, and sang them enthusiastically in a weekly singalong with Ms Ruth on the guitar, or

with Youtube clips.  First, we learned famous Australian songs, and then some classic “Oldies” from the 1960s which are great to sing along to. But the highlight for many were the songs of today, some of which are played when it is time for class!


In Term Two students have been studying beginner guitar skills with Ms Ruth as well as some music theory.  They have learned to strum and pick, and play some basic chords so they can play along to songs. Guitar is fun!



Ms. Ruth Rosenberg

WELC Teacher

Drumming Incursion

On Monday, we played the African drum called djembe. That was my first time played drums, and the teacher was kind and handsome. So it was very impressive experience. I love the sound of drums, and I also like the culture of Africa. The African music are amazing. So I would like to have more time to play djembe.

Gary (Group 1 student)



On Monday, I had a drumming lesson at period 3. It’s interesting, I’ve never tried it before. Even I wasn’t good at playing instrument, but I still had fun. I like the rhythm of the drum, especially when we play together. I would like to learn more about Africa culture too. That’s an impressive experience, I would love to try that one more time.

Ben (Group 1 student)