Junior School Report

Message from the Director of Learning


- Ms. Alice Paget

Congratulations to Year 7 and 8 students on all their hard work and progress this semester, especially to the Year 7s on completing their first semester of secondary schooling. It was a busy start to the year for the Year 7 cohort, settling into the secondary school routine and studying a range of core subjects, electives and iCreate. They have also experienced Year 7 Adventure Day to Arthur’s Seat Tree Surfing, Peer Support with our fantastic Year 10 leaders, Weekly Sport and Camp at Rumbug!


Students are looking forward to beginning their new electives next semester, which may include Food Technology, Visual Arts, Music, Drama, Digital Technology and Visual Communication and Design.


Year 8 students will begin to make important decisions regarding their pathway through secondary school, starting with their choice of a Year 9 elective next semester. Their time in the junior school, studying a broad range of subjects will assist them in making an informed decision based on their passions and interests. Please make sure you pencil in the Course Selection Information Night on Tuesday 23rd July. Both Year 7 and 8 students will choose their iCreate subject for next year too.  There will also be an information session on the Course Selection Information Night for any students, parents or guardians wanting to know more about the iCreate subjects.


Monash University Holiday Engineering Workshop

Over the School Holidays, we have two of our Year 8 students participating in a 3-day Engineering Workshop. Students will dive into the wonderful world of engineering with seven exciting workshops run by the experts at Monash across a range of engineering disciplines. Check in on the next newsletter to hear more about the workshops and what the students will have learnt.

Year 7 Global Literacy: Water Scarcity 

Year 7 Global Literacy students have been learning about water in Geography this term. Students have just completed a research task where they created an infographic about water scarcity in a country in North Africa. This task allowed students to hone their skills in research, design and technology. Take a look and some of the excellent pieces of work that they have created!


Jarrod Johnstone

Learning Specialist (Westall Institute of Teaching) & Global Literacy Teacher

Self-care Workshops

Over the last week, all our Year 7 students have taken part in a self-care workshop with our school nurse, Christalia Formoso. These workshops have complemented the Health Curriculum as part of one of their core subject, Health and Physical Education. Students learnt about the different aspects and importance of self-care, including hygiene, nutrition, exercise and mental wellbeing.