Senior Secondary News

Senior Secondary News

It was a pleasure to welcome students back to the College on Monday 12 October as they made an excited return. Term 4 is always a busy one for Senior Secondary as students finalise their learning for their VCE/VCAL courses, prepare for their examinations and assessment panels, and we farewell our Year 12 students for 2020.


Year 12 Celebrations

As you are aware, the restrictions around gatherings due to COIVID-19 have meant that we will change the way our Year 12 students thank you, their parents/carers, and thank the College community for their contributions to their time at Bayside.


The Year 12 Thank You Assembly to be held on Monday 26 October will be live streamed to parents/carers at 9am. The link to the live stream will be emailed to you this week. Please let me know if you do not want your child to be filmed and streamed to the families watching the event.


The last day for Year 12 students is Tuesday 27 October. Students will participate in a variety of celebratory activities. They will be dismissed by 2pm.


The final design for the Year 12 jacket 2021 has been chosen. Parents are invited to order a jacket online from Reform clothing; the ordering details will be emailed to you this week so keep an eye on your inbox.


Sharyn Hadlow

Head of Senior Secondary School

Consideration of Educational Disadvantage

Over the past months, the VCAA has made several major adjustments to the delivery of VCE and VCE VET studies to support schools and students to engage with learning and assessment, both within the classroom and remotely. These changes, which reduced the assessment demands on students, were crucial to enable a fair, valid and reliable assessment to be made for this year’s VCE students. At the same time, we recognise that some students enrolled in VCE and VCE VET scored studies have experienced particularly difficult circumstances this year as a result of both coronavirus (COVID-19) and/or bushfires. This includes health and wellbeing challenges, financial stress, extra home responsibilities and family stresses.


To ensure fairness for all students, Consideration of Educational Disadvantage (CED) will be considered for all students. In support of this new process, all students can submit a Student Statement. The Student Statement is a simple tick box exercise which will inform the process of CED. No supporting evidence is required. However, the school can ask for clarification if needed.


As part of the process, it is important to understand that the number of boxes ticked does not equate to a change in study score. This information will complement what the school already knows about students, for example previous assessment scores. The school will use documented evidence about the student’s achievement when undertaking the CED process, with the normal VCAA processes ensuring fairness within and between schools. The VCAA will consider the submitted information, including the student’s General Achievement Test results, so that each student’s final VCE and VCE VET study results are fair and reliable.


As in previous years, students can still apply for a Derived Examination Score (DES) if they are prevented from sitting one or more VCE examination/s, for example because of illness. In addition, students applying for tertiary places in 2021 should submit a Special Entry Access Scheme (SEAS) application to the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC) if they have been severely impacted by factors including COVID or bushfires.


Reminder - Exam Navigator

The VCE Exams Navigator booklet contains a lot of important information that students are expected to know and comply with. As well as the actual exam timetable, they will find what they need for each exam, what is expected of them, and what they can and cannot do.


Chris Alley

VCE Coordinator

Year 11 Chemistry

Year 11 Chemistry students have been studying redox chemistry which helps us to understand how batteries function. Students recently performed displacement reactions that produce metals via the redox process (oxidation and reduction half reactions). The photos show the students viewing their crystal under microscopes. 


Students have also completed a case study of the corrosion of metals, its causes and prevention. This is most pertinent to the world around us where we rely heavily upon the integrity of metals for product design and function, to support buildings and bridges, and as key components in many items we rely upon in our daily lives.


Sharyn Hadlow

Year 11 Physics

Year 11 Physics students have completed their “Options” research project and class presentation. We have enjoyed presentations on the following topics:

Alex - How can human vision be enhanced?

Aaron - What are stars?

Jordan and Emily - How is radiation used to maintain human health?

Elijah - How do particle accelerators work?

Ryan - How do heavy things fly?

Each student organised a short practical activity.


Here is a picture of Tom, who in his first day of joining our class, won Ryan’s paper plane competition by having his aircraft in the air for the longest! Can you see how he did this?

Well done Tom!



Chris Alley

VCE Studio Arts

During Term 3, our Unit 4 VCE Studio Arts students completed their final artworks. They have all done incredibly well, especially given the travel restrictions and limited access to equipment and materials brought on by COVID-19 restrictions. As we will not be able to host an exhibition to celebrate their achievements, I have included images of the artworks and a short description of the themes they were exploring in their folios.


Nicholas R - Lachie, Acrylic on Canvas



Nic focused on photography and acrylic painting throughout his Unit 4 Studio Arts folio. He was exploring the theme of childishness, and the joyful exuberance of youth. His final artwork was a large painting of former Bayside student Lachie Vass.


Lauren D - Barriers, Photographic print


Lauren focused on photography in her Unit 4 folio for Studio Arts. Her final artwork Barriers, represents the barriers between oneself and society, and the distorted facade we put up as a result of social negativity, as a means of protection.


Erin C - Burning, Resin


Erin focused on photography and resin pouring in Unit 4 Studio Arts. Burning, was created to reflect the chaos, fear and the negative impacts that the New South Wales and Victorian bushfires had on communities. This was intended to be produced as a series, with a second photographic artwork exploring regeneration, resilience and hope within communities. Unfortunately the second artwork was never able to be completed due to travel restrictions.


Chay Williamson

Secondary Teacher

Return To School 


VCAL Update

Getting back into the swing of things in VCAL has been fantastic. Being a program that is built on the ability to learn theory and then put it into practice, the return to school has seen a lot of practical work happen.


Year 12s are working on their final assessment - Showcase with a Difference. Year 11s are working on getting their programs ready for 'Into the Wild'. Year 10’s are creating safety videos about speaking up on the worksite.

It has been a blessing to see so much hustle and bustle in classes.


Olivia Williams

VCAL Coordinator

VCAL Up Cycle Projects

This is my up cycling project I made for Year 12 VCAL Personal Development Skills class. I made a storage box to put on my desk out of a shoebox I had at home. It allows me to put any stationery or any generic items in there to keep safe. I love it as it allows me to stay organised with all of my stationery. 


Terriesa J 


Money Trees

They're propagated from a tree that is almost 30 years old. I put them in old plastic pots that I found in my garage. Everything used was up cycled.


 Isaac P



During Term 3 in VCAL, our class studied up cycling and how to reduce landfill. We were then assigned a project where we needed to turn an item that was used for one purpose, into a new or different purpose. 


I turned to my creative side and decided to give macrame plant hangers a go. I had mason jars around the house, soil from my veggie patch, and succulents from my planter boxes ready to redesign them into plants! 


After a couple of YouTube videos, I soon learned how to make a macrame plant hanger! *As an alternative, if you have artificial plants around the house, those would work too! I encourage you to have a search through your own home, and upgrade your own product!


Products are available to purchase.


Maddi B


Using odd pieces of glass and crockery I have made two decorative stands. They can be used for many different things - plants, lollies, jewellery. Pretty & practical.


Caelan H


For my up cycling project this term I decided to make stone art!! I know how much I see it on social media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram, and I have always wanted to give it a go. So I thought 'why not?' The aspect I enjoyed most about this project would have to be finding the stones to make the characters, such as a mum and daughter or family. I was able to up cycle by using the stones from previous pot plants I have owned and the frames from another home project. Overall, I have really enjoyed doing this project and am happy to take orders.


Lucy W

Year 10 VCAL - Into the Wild

Year 10 VCAL students worked with Justin Mason to establish the new North Campus campground area. This will be used later this term for Years 5 & 6 "Into the Wild" day camp activities. We are planning to finish the area next week and will implement COVID-safe requirements into the construction process.


Ken Berry 

VCAL Teacher

Year 11 VCAL - Into the Wild

Year 11 VCAL students have been busy pulling apart the old North Campus day camp area and preparing a new site near the mountain bike track. This new site is more accessible to facilities needed for running activities, but still gives the feeling of being immersed in God's creation. We were fortunate enough to have rainbow lorikeets and an echidna come and visit during our sessions. This area will be used to deliver COVID-safe day camp activities for Primary students later this term.



Ken Berry

Year 11 Agriculture

The Year 11 Agriculture students were put through some tough First Aid training last week. The instructor (who is also a teacher at Bayside - AKA Mr Pleiter) had the pleasure of teaching these five students the basic principles of DRSABCD and what to do in an emergency situation. Each student was able to practise their skills on their own adult and infant manikin, which gave them live feedback on the computer and displayed on the TV. This enabled them to refine and improve their technique. At the end of the day the students displayed impressive confidence, and all completed the practical and written requirements of the course so that they could attain their First Aid certificate.


Michael Pleiter

PE & OES Teacher

Bushtucker Garden

The VET Agriculture class have just planted the foundational plants in our new bushtucker garden located opposite the decking area outside the TSC. These indigenous crop plants are largely unknown (macadamia nuts and lemon myrtle being the exceptions) in European menus but are becoming increasingly popular with top end chefs.


This garden contains macadamia (yes they do fruit here),and lemon myrtle trees, as well as:

Midyim berry - small white speckled berries that taste like a spicy blueberry.

Finger lime - a small native citrus that grows small fruits of ‘lemon caviar’.

Warragul spinach - a tough ground cover that has edible leaves.

Karkalla (native pigface) - succulent, coastal groundcover that has both edible fruit and leaves.

Blue berry ginger - a tropical herb with edible roots and berries.


We will add more bushtucker plants such as yam daisy, mint bush and others as they become available, and hope to use them in the hospitality program in the near future.


David Goschnick

Agriculture Teacher

New Arrivals at Bayside

These cute little guys are our new additions to the Agriculture program. A range of eggs were placed in the incubator and 28 days later we were blessed with eight Indian runner ducklings, two Chinese goslings and a golden spangled Hamburg chick. Several classes have enjoyed handling these, and the ducklings have headed over to Primary for a little visit this week.



We are hoping to hatch more in the coming weeks with two Silkies, an Indian runner and Cayuga duck currently sitting on eggs.


David Goschnick

General Mathematics

This year in General Maths we have gained so many new skills that we can utilise in school and out of school. With Mrs Patterson as our teacher there's never a dull moment in our class, as she has brought a smile into every class. We have been introduced to some completely new topics such as ‘Graphs and Networks'. We are all also very happy that we have completed one of the Year 12 Further Maths topics (Recurrence Relations) this year in Year 11 General Maths as we know that this is going to give us a head start for next year. We have just completed this topic and will be doing a SAC this week to test our skills. 


Kate O - Year 11



Shirley Patterson

Secondary Teacher

Year 11 Literature

Year 11 Literature students have been developing creative writing portfolios. Here are some prime examples of our content:


The Lost Coin

By Olivia O


Angels rejoice over a sinner who has repented

Just as they rejoice when one has come home to God.

Death can often be misrepresented 

But we too should rejoice when our loved ones reach peace -

Although for us they are disconnected.

“Rejoice with me, I have found my lost coin”

For we shall rejoice with them as they have found their place with the Lord.

Finding our way home to God cannot be prevented

For it is our purpose to live a celebratory life on earth,

Then live eternally as it is intended.

So we rejoice for those at peace

For they have found all that is perfected.



A Clock Worth Buying 

By Jasmine C


My grandfather used to say life is short. Then again he also used to say ‘what's the point in having more than one type of car if they all just drive?’. My grandfather would take credit and say ‘you're welcome’ every time he saw a clock. And if you ever asked him how he is going he would never respond with good, only ever well, because nothing is ever good. He was a simple man. A strong man. A loyal man. And sometimes I wonder, if his life was a book - would I buy it? 


Sam Waldron

Secondary Teacher


Parent Webinar: Design Your Career Youth Summit (Online: 9-13 November) 

How do we best prepare students for an uncertain future and equip them for jobs that don't yet even exist? Students and parents have a unique opportunity to register for this event for FREE to find out more. Please use this unique code when registering as it will enable those in the BCC community to have ongoing access to recordings after the event has passed: SBAYAU20


Check out the line-up of speakers and register here:


Claire Dawson

Careers Coordinator