Primary News

From the Head of Primary

It has indeed been wonderful to be able to welcome the Primary students back on campus. Quick observations are the smiles on student faces and how much they’ve grown! Again, I would like to reiterate, on behalf of the Primary staff, how appreciative we are of the support families have shown during the time of remote learning. As we await the reopening of shops, please send a note if your child is not able to be in the correct uniform, including footwear.


This term we are trying to give as many opportunities as we can to the students, while staying within the class group size limits. On Monday 19 October, some of our Year 6 leaders were able to help with the preparation of hot chocolate drinks and marshmallows for all the students, to celebrate Reading Hour in classrooms. The student leaders have also been helping in the yard, wearing their ‘Peacemaker’ vests. The Prep students enjoyed making monster sandwiches and pancakes to fit in with the Book Week theme ‘Curious Creatures, Wild Minds’. This was in lieu of the Prep dinner, which is normally held in Term 4. All students have decorated masks along the same theme as part of Book Week. Special Activity Days have also been planned for the Years 1-6 students.


Class Lists 2021

In the next few weeks, we will be formulating classes for 2021. This is quite an involved task, as there are many variables to consider in setting up classes for successful student learning. Consideration needs to be given to student learning needs and behaviour dynamics, as well as the special circumstances that have been experienced during 2020. In Week 5, each child will be invited to nominate five students with whom they may like to be in a class with next year. Many staff are involved in this important process, to determine the best class options and, while every effort will be made to accommodate at least one of your child’s choices, this can’t be guaranteed. If there is any information that I need to be aware of in regards to 2021, please email me by Friday 30 October.


Book Club

Ashton Scholastic Book Club brochures were sent home last week. All orders are now made online and, if you are wishing to make a purchase, please place your order by next Tuesday 27 October. Orders will be delivered to school for distribution to students.


God bless,


Glenys Bailey

Head of Primary

Highly Commended Writer

Annabel M has received a 'highly commended' award in the Years 5/6 category of the History Teachers Association of Victoria, Historical Fiction Competition. She is congratulated on the fantastic entry 'Come Home'. The judges wrote some helpful feedback to Annabel. They also wrote: “This is a very sophisticated work of fiction for such a young author. The judges felt the writer showed excellent use of dialogue, descriptive language and structure. Presentation, proofreading and punctuation are also of an excellent standard. The characters in the story seem very real.” Well done Annabel on this great effort!

Book Week

‘Curious Creatures Wild Minds’ is the theme for Book Week 2020.

Naturally, we have had to delve into our ‘wild minds’ to work out appropriate celebrations for Book Week this year, but in true Bayside tradition, we wish to embrace stories and place this time as an opportunity to have fun while building on reading skills. Our week commenced with Reading Hour in classrooms, where trying to have hot chocolates arrive to all classes in one lesson proved quite a challenge, but the hospitality team embraced and mastered the task! Further details of story celebrations and class book mask parades will feature in future publications.


From the Library team


1/2 P enjoyed the mask making activity:


5/6R expressed lots of creativity during the mask making activity:


Prep M Fun

Prep M made monster face pancakes as part of Book Week activities. With blueberry eyes and a raspberry nose, yummy pear ears and a banana mouth, it was monster smiles all round!


Prep M had a great time when they visited North Campus and saw the baby ducklings, goats and other ‘living things’ as part of their integrated study unit this term.


Donna Martin

Prep Teacher

Year 5/6 Construction Unit

Years 5/6 have started their construction unit -students were challenged to create a mousetrap with five different junctions! 


Sara Wright

Years 3-6 Coordinator

Return to School

There were smiles all round as Primary students returned to onsite learning:


Years 3/4 students happy to be back at school:


Years 3/4 students brought in the Spoonies they created at home so they could all meet each other. They are having a lovely time together now!


Art Update

It has been so lovely to have smiles and laughter back in the art room. Listening to the excitement and watching the students' creativity flow is a definite highlight.


Caroline de Haan

Primary Art Teacher

Remote Learning Highlights

Nicholas' artwork:


Louis enjoyed measuring rainfall during home schooling:


Indi and Tory having their last home school lunch! Happy and sad at the same time. They looked pretty happy though!


The Slater family enjoying remote learning: 


Jonas enjoyed making his own scale to measure objects, and building shapes with blocks:


Sapphire's new Unicorn Spoonie was a highlight for her:


The Sullivan kids on their first day back of Term 4. As you can see, excitement was high that they had ‘made it’ and were looking forward to being back at school!


Riley enjoyed participating in Zoom lessons and sharing his art work during remote learning:


Lilly, Elana and Zac enjoying remote learning:


During the last week of home schooling the McDermott family celebrated a birthday and did some gardening at home:



Emily making the most of remote learning:


Make a Back to School Butterfly

Hi everyone,

It's wonderful to be back at school this Term for more learning, friendship, and fun. I hope you've enjoyed the first week back. You could make a back to school butterfly to share with a friend at school.



Primary Arts Captain

2020 Primary Choir Done Differently

On Friday 9 October, the Primary Choir celebrated our last Choir get-together over Zoom for the year. This year has been difficult for everyone, but we have found new ways to connect and continue to sing as a group.


The Primary Choir began strong, in Term 1 meeting weekly Monday lunchtimes in the Music Room. When remote learning began, we had to rethink Choir and come up with new ways to connect and practise together. A virtual Primary Choir started weekly over Zoom, where we not only learnt a new song together, but we also learnt Auslan signing to the words of the song, 'God Only Knows' by King and Country. 

This opportunity gave students new ways to learn and connect, and try something they hadn't done before.


With the current restrictions still in place, we are unable to meet at school for Choir for the rest of this year, but our aim is to record each person in Choir singing this song and have it played as a performance for the Bayside community as a way of celebrating the challenges we have overcome as a school this year. Stay tuned for this performance in the coming weeks. 


Even though it has been a challenging year, God has still been faithful and blessed us as a school and as a Choir.



Primary Arts Captain

More Ducklings

Two of our older Primary school students also spent some time with the bably ducklings this week. What a privilege it is to have our Agriculture program at Bayside.


Congratulations to Glenys Bailey, Sara Wright and Donna Martin for completing their Masters degrees. They have worked so hard and put in so many hours to complete this extra study and qualification. Well done ladies!