From the Deputy's Desk

What a blessing to have most of our students back on campus. We are so excited for next Monday when the rest of Secondary is able to return. It has been a while since we had a full College, and there are a few important reminders to ensure the transition back to campus is smooth. Please be aware of the following:


School Photos

School Photos are now permitted to proceed. Senior Secondary students were photographed today.


We are working with the photographers to confirm dates for November for the remainder of the College and sibling photos. We understand that some siblings will be finished Year 12; they will be welcome to come back for the sibling photos. We ask for your understanding as we navigate this.


Car Park Reminders

With the return of students to school, we have noticed the car park is again quite busy in the afternoons. Thus, we are going to trial clearing the car park congestion by exiting using a left turn only from 3-3:45pm. This will commence next week. Please also continue to adhere to the following reminders:

  • Follow the arrows, park only in the marked bays with the vehicle’s nose facing in, or collect passengers from the drop off zone.
  • Students may only be collected from in front of B Block or A Block. No students are permitted to wait on the pedestrian islands. These areas are checked regularly and students will be sent back to the correct waiting zones.
  • Join the queue through the staff car park turn-around area to come to the drop off zone. Please do not exit against the arrows. Other vehicles are waiting to enter.
  • Move as far forward as possible to allow more vehicles to collect their passengers behind you. Vehicles should not be left unattended in the drop-off zones.
  • Do not pull in front of other vehicles in the drop off zone. It will only take a few minutes in the queue.
  • When you park in a bay, please only use the crossings to cross the car park. Model correct procedures to your children.
  • If you have children on both North and South campuses, please ask the Year 10-12s to be collected from South. Do not cross between campuses during the morning or afternoon peak periods.
  • Pets must remain in cars. Please do not bring pets on campus, even if on a lead, except by special arrangement with class teachers.

Remote Learning and Changes to Semester 2 Reports

The impact of remote learning has meant that specialist subjects in Primary and elective subjects in Secondary have had a significant impact this semester and will not appear on reports. The exemption granted from the Victorian Registrations and Qualifications Authority allows us to make this provision for 2020 reports. Teachers will continue to adjust student outcomes in subsequent reports. We thank you for your understanding in these challenging times.


Upcoming Dates - No students on campus, no remote classes


Friday 23 Oct - Grand Final Public Holiday

Friday 30 Oct - Report Writing Day

Monday 2 Nov - Mid-Semester break 

Tuesday 3 Nov - Melbourne Cup Day Public Holiday


While it is not ideal to have these breaks when students have just returned to campus, we must comply with public holidays, and the Reporting Day and mid-semester break are set well in advance. Teachers have worked tirelessly to provide remote learning and transition students back to school and need the time to prepare reports, which we must provide twice a year.


Toni Steinbergs

Deputy Principal

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