Student Wellbeing

Our School Behaviour Code  & Dealing with Conflict

Our School Behavior Code

A clear focus for teaching and learning over the first weeks of the year has been for students to understand the expectation of our school and community. We have a clear and concise list of expectations.  


At St John Vianney's we are a Catholic community where:

  1. People feel safe
  2. Teachers can teach
  3. Students can learn
  4. We look after each other and our belongings 
  5. We do our best 

Our students understand these expectations and are reminded often through wellbeing sessions in the classroom. When students sometimes forget these important 'do's', they are redirected in a supportive and restorative manner to ensure that they remember the expectations of our school. 

Sometimes there is conflict

One of these reminders usually comes when a student experiences conflict. This is not unusual for children from time to time.  Children are developing their social and emotional skills by dealing with conflict. We try to ensure that conflict is dealt with in a solution-focused and supportive manner, whilst remembering our behavior code. 


Some children may get confused when they have a disagreement or conflict with another person and may call this bullying. There is a great difference between conflict and bullying and here is a simple way to differentiate between them: 


Bullying is not:

  • A misunderstanding – usually these are problems around communication. 
  • A disagreement – do not agree on something and both want their own way. 
  • A conflict – people usually want to solve the problem. It can be extend over a period of time if not sorted properly. 

School and Home Partnership

At SJV issues are addressed with a solution-focused mindset. Please understand at times it is difficult for students recognise the need to restore a relationship and/or solve a problem. We endeavour to treat all concerned with the utmost respect. 


As partners in your child's learning, we welcome questions or concerns from families. We encourage families to have a conversation with the teachers or someone from leadership when there is a concern. 


Kind regards,


Ru Lameijn (

Student Wellbeing Leader