Welcome back Everyone to Term 3!

What an exciting start to term. We have a New school, New Term, New Classroom but we do also have the Same teachers, Same friends & Same classes.


As exciting as changes and new things can be, what is different can also be a little scary. While having a break can be relaxing, getting back into a routine of coming to school in the morning can be tough going at times. Holidays and then school again, is disruptive to our daily routines and this can impact on the sense of predictability and stability/safety for children. So it is perfectly natural for your child to feel both excited and frightened - but let’s work on making school a safe and great place again for Term 3.

When thinking, talking about or even coming to school it is important to Reassure your children about their safety at school, keep a predictable Routine in getting ready and coming to school and provide the opportunities, strategies & guidance to help them Regulate down from their high levels of stress. These 3 RRRs of, Reassurance, Routine & Regulation are absolutely pivotal in helping your child settle back quickly into coming to school ready to learn where school is a safe but also fun space to be.

Of course, if you feel if you or your child needs some extra support – please let come and speak to myself or Mr Searl. Emotional and Behavioural changes are to be expected, however, we are here to help if needed.

We are looking forward to supporting you all to have a great Term 3!

Kind Regards,

Jesse Winter (School Chaplain)