Positive People and Specialist Awards

Congratulations to the following students who have be chosen for a Positive People Award or a Specialist Award this week. 


Positive People Award

Prep AOlivia Pagnocollo
Prep B 
Prep COliver Nichols
1AMarlee Moore
1BTarell Chatfield
2AJermaine Vaiotu
2BEthan Tupper
2CAbbie Linskens
3/4AStarla Lilley and Lenny Spicer
3/4BGrace Kennedy
3/4CMatthew Stagoll
3/4DLibby Leslie-Thom and Cheelle-May Eccles
3/4EAurora Walmsley
5/6ACharlotte Cameron-Quarrell
5/6BOlivia Anderson
5/6CBrianna Kurlatov
5/6DJordie Gale
5/6EShakirah Grayson

 Specialist Award

LOTEJay Patel 2C
LOTEAurora Walmsley 3/4E
PEOlivia Anderson 5/6B
PELilly Gent 5/6B
ARTAsher Dawe 5/6B
ARTHolly Fitzhardinge 5/6B